October 19, 2020 3 min read

Bras are an integral part of a woman’s life, especially good comfortable ones that gives much-required support to the girls as we go about solving everyday problems of life. 

But, have you ever looked forward to getting out of your bra the moment you are home from work? That unbeatable moment of bliss when we slip out of that uncomfortable bra.... especially so if you’re pregnant or nursing!

Chloe dream love braMummy Isabel wearing Chloe Dream Bra - Cocoa.

A list of uncomfortable issues almost all women face especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding:

1. The size of your breasts changes greatly during pregnancy. As they grow together with your changing body, bras begin to feel really constricting and sometimes even intolerable.

2. If you are already breastfeeding, you will know how much size fluctuations your breasts go through in a single day. One moment your breasts are swollen and leaky, and the next minute they are soft & reduced in size following a feed/pump. The bra you’re wearing just feels either too tight or too loose at any given moment. And this goes on day in and out...

Chloe Dream Love Bra

Both mummies wearing Chloe Dream Love Bra, happily chatting away.

3. Nagging worries about plugged milk ducts and infections like mastitis caused by the constant pressure on milk ducts due to ill-fitting bra fits.

4. Things get worse at night with swollen breasts, leaks, and nighttime feeding sessions! Wearing a bra to bed is not recommended by some experts, yet it’s so uncomfortable for larger-chested women to go without one completely...

How can we solve all of these problems?

Your foolproof one-step solution for all the booby traps (forgive the pun!) of pregnancy and motherhood is - The Chloe Dream Love Organic Bra.

Literally designed and made to address ALL the above issues, the Chloe Dream Bra was designed with the comfort and movement of mothers in mind- without sacrificing style. 

When to wear it?

To bed, to nurse, when pregnant, in confinement, to lounge in, with tights to the weekly Yoga/Spinning class, with a dress to playdates and baby in tow, even paired with a gorgeous sheer top and your favorite jeans to high tea with mama pals- the Chloe Dream Love Bra does life with you the way you choose.

Chloe dream love bra

Mummy Rachel wearing Chloe Dream Love Bra - Rustic.

Our mummies say that the Chloe Dream Bra is the one bra so comfortable that they don’t even remember it the minute it’s on, for rest of the day (unless when asked by a fellow mom where’s that bra from!).


But how is the Chloe Dream Love Bra different from my other bras?

The wireless Chloe Dream Bra is made of the most comfortable organic cotton fabric we could find, giving breathable gentle support to your chest whether you’re pregnant or nursing.

On top of keeping you dry by wicking away moisture and sweat from the body, it’s non-constricting design also does not hinder milk flow nor cause soreness for nursing mums.

All these features make the Chloe Dream Bra ideal for everyday (& night!) wear without causing any discomfort or restrictions whatsoever.  

You deserve to check out the Chloe Dream Organic Cotton Bra today if you have not, & if you prefer bamboo fabric, check out our Emma Paris Bamboo Bra that will offer you luxurious comfort beyond your expectations.

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