Bra & Garment Care

There are no shortcuts to creating quality that lasts long. So, we invest in better fabrics and are committed to letting a garment take the time to develop so that it provides the best value. You, too, can show some love to the bras and garments through proper care. 

The good news is that proper bra and garment care doesn’t actually take more time or effort. All it requires is knowing the right way, and we’re here to help you master the right way.

We’ll provide tips on how you can make the most out of your investment and keep your bras and other garments looking great, feeling better, and lasting longer.


Bra Care

Hand wash: 

All our garments are created in a hygienic environment. A gentle wash with a mild detergent is enough before you put on the bra for the first time. 

For subsequent washes, you can soak the bras in water with a mild detergent for a couple of minutes. Please wash with like colours, only. Rinse the bras in cold water till the water runs clear.

Here’s an amazing tip to increase the life of your bras. It is known as The Shower Rinse and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Instead of washing your bra with detergent after every use, just rinse it with plain water while you are taking a shower. Rinsing it for a couple of minutes will wash away the sweat and dirt on the bra. This will help extend the wear time between washes and your bra will last much longer.


Machine wash:

We know you have too much on your plate and handwashing bras might not be on the list of priorities. If you are using a machine wash, take a little care before you put the bras for washing.

Fasten the bra clasps and put them into a mesh bag used for protecting lingerie while washing. Use a cold, gentle machine cycle and always use a mild detergent.

Try to avoid washing the bras with heavy clothes such as towels, jeans, and sweatshirts since this can cause abrasions to the delicate fabric.


Drying bras:

You should never wring or twist the bras to remove excess water. Instead, wrap wet bras in a cotton towel and gently press them to remove water. Then, let them air dry on a flat surface.

You can also hang them on a hanger by placing the core (the slightly stiff part between the cups) on the hanger. Don’t hang the bras by their straps as the wet bra can make the straps lose their elasticity.

Don’t leave wet or milk-stained bras in dark places as they may eventually cause mould.


Storing bras:

Fold non-padded bras neatly with one cup nestling inside the other. For padded bras, stack them on top of each other to maintain the shape of the cups.

The trick to always have a clean nursing bra to wear is to have enough bras in your wardrobe, stock up over here. These nursing bras are specially designed to give you optimum comfort and stay new even after multiple washes.


Garment Care

Hand or machine wash:

If you can handwash your garments, that is great. If opting for a machine wash, always use a gentle, cold cycle. Empty pockets and close zippers and hooks before washing. Always wash like colours together.


Drying garments:

Air drying is the best option since the heat in machine dryers can harm the fabric. Avoid keeping damp clothes in the machine for too long and line dry them as soon as you can.


Storing garments:

When completely dry, fold the clothes neatly before you put them away.



Some fabrics are less prone to wrinkles and might not need ironing at all. But if you want to take away the wrinkles, we recommend steaming instead of ironing since it is gentler. If you absolutely have to use an iron, use it at a low-temperature setting. Adding a little moisture to the garments before you iron them will make it easier and quicker.