celebrating mother's day with lovemère

You are brave, mummy, and you are beautiful.

This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate the love and light that you have within you. Let us celebrate you.

To do that, we asked all mummies to share their “beautiful first” moments with us. We are grateful for the five mummies who allowed us to captured their “beautiful first” moments for this Mother’s Day campaign.

Let's celebrate the joys and wonders of motherhood and relive these “beautiful first” moments with one another.

"Beautiful first"

Mummies: Cherie, Estee, Jasmin, Veevien, Vijaya
Outfits: Ellie Cruz Nursing Camisole, Bridget Shorts
Location: Gallop Extension, Botanical Gardens
Photographer: The Perfect Statement
Videographer: Significance Productions
Makeup: Chermaine Cheng

Motherhood and its many beautiful moments are always so heart-warming to share.

We were glad to receive the “beautiful first” moments from a lot of mummies. With their permission, we are sharing their moments.