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sizes change. your comfort does not have to.

We are a Motherhood Essentials and Lifestyle Label. All our products are designed in Singapore and are handcrafted with love and care to make your motherhood more comfortable and memorable.

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Every day at Lovemère is a day devoting to making mothers happy.

Our mission is to remove the discomfort in mummies lifestyle by providing comfortable bras and garments that will make your daily life easier.

We know what it's like to be pregnant or breastfeeding—you're uncomfortable, you're exhausted, and you just want to feel like yourself again!

That's why we create bras and garments that are designed with comfort in mind, using materials that won't rub or chafe against sensitive skin. We want you to feel your best every day of the week—and we believe that starts with feeling good about yourself.

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Hello! I'm Florence, co-founder of Lovemère. I warmly welcome you to our #merefam where we celebrate you throughout this extraordinary journey called motherhood.

I am a mum of three children. I started this company during the last trimester of my firstborn. Since then, throughout all my pregnancies and nursing times, I have been wearing the bras and garments that we created. My team and I have made sure the garments are just right for mums before we launched them.

The most satisfying and fulfilling thing is to connect with people that matter the most. And for us, that’s you.

Join us so I can connect with you and send you weekly motherhood tips and tricks that can help you ease easily into this journey.

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We empower mums to share their experiences, where they could inspire anyone out there. This translates into all our storytelling, from campaigns to interviews featuring real-life mum stories from all walks of life.

Motherhood can be a beautiful whirlwind of a journey. It is like a beautiful kaleidoscope with different emotions. As you start this journey, we encourage you to take it slow and remember, “You got this.” #merefam