How to measure myself

At Lovemère, you can use bust circumference (at nip level) as the measurement for all bras and garments in our store.

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Yes, most likely. Like the rest of your body, your breasts are changing too, becoming bigger and more sensitive to the touch. Chalk up this metamorphosis to hormonal shifts, weight gain, an expanding rib cage, and, later in pregnancy, mammary glands that are preparing to make milk for your baby.

While it may be tempting to make do with the bras you have (think of the savings!), it's best to invest in a few good nursing bras. Your growing breasts are heavier – the developing glandular tissues can add a few ounces per breast, at least – and deserve some comfy support.

When you take off the bra and see indentations where the band and straps were, your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, or your bra feels too snug, it's time to wear new ones. 

You may find that your cup size continues to increase throughout your pregnancy, or your breasts might grow during your first trimester and then not increase in size again until the last few months. Depending on how you grow, you may need to go bra shopping several times during your pregnancy.

Some mothers feel uncomfortable wearing wired bras during second-third trimester and this is normal. Wear our wire-free nursing bras for comfort. Read more over here.

Usually your cup size might be your pre-pregnancy cup. Hence, we are not advising this option. However, if you do not have a measuring tape and you feel the cup size you are currently wearing works for you. Tap here to find out your bust circumference.

You may consider having some bra extenders to extend the under-bust band. That usually works!

Your straps stay put on your shoulders and don't dig in. Your breasts don't overflow out of the cups. Your band fits snugly without feeling too tight.

Chat with our Lovemère fit experts or email if you need further assistance. We accept 30-day exchange and return if the size is not right for you.