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Keeping your bras clean and washing them properly between wears is very important for personal hygiene. Unless you sweat a lot or we are talking about a nursing sports bra post-workout, it is recommended that you wash your bra after 2-3 wears. However, remember that a nursing bra goes through a lot compared to a regular bra. Apart from supporting lactating breasts that have grown in size, they are also subjected to leaks and spills, pulling and stretching, and of course, the baby’s spittle!

Bras collect sweat and germs because they sit so close against your skin. Since babies are going to be touching your breasts with their mouths, you do not want to keep them covered in dirty bras. Also, nursing bras are made up of delicate fabrics that are damaged easily if exposed to harsh cleaning methods. Hence, you need to clean them well enough to get rid of any germs, yet be gentle on the fabric. Below are a few tips on washing your nursing bras correctly.

Handwashing is your best bet.

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For bras that last longer, handwashing is recommended. Always use a non-alcoholic detergent that is mild enough for the bra as well as your hands. Fill a sink or a bucket with cold water and add some detergent. Let the bras soak in for 30-60 minutes depending on how dirty they are. Swish the bras in the soapy water occasionally to help remove the grime. Finally, gently wash them and rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear.

Machine wash when you can't help it.

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We understand that motherhood means you are bogged down by a lot of responsibilities. And handwashing bras, though very important, is often not on your list of priorities. So, if you want to chuck used bras into the washing machine, that’s okay. However, a little care goes a long way. Always use a lingerie/laundry bag and hook the bras before you put them in the bag. This way, the bras are protected from pulling, stretching, bent hooks, and getting tangled with other clothing during the wash. Use a mild detergent, cold water, and always use a delicate cycle. Wash light and dark colors separately.

Always Line Dry.

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Never subject bras to machine dryers since the heat can damage the fibers and impact its elasticity. Also, absolutely no squeezing or wringing! Instead, wrap washed bras in a clean towel and gently press to remove excess water. Now, use your hands to reshape the cups and let the bras air-dry.

Air-dry on a drying rack away from direct heat and out of direct sunlight.

Store Bras Properly.

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Try to avoid throwing in washed bras together in a drawer. This will lead to bent cups and wrinkled bras. Fold non-padded bras before storing, but stack padded bras one over the other to avoid crumpling and misshapen cups.

The trick to always have a clean nursing bra to wear is to have enough bras in your wardrobe. You can stock up over here! These bras are specially designed to give you optimum comfort and stay new even after multiple washes.

Last update: 27th May 2020