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Often described as one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, breast feeding is activity which all mothers ought to do, because breast milk is the best food which can be given to an infant during the first year of his or her life.


Breastfeeding is infinitely helpful for the baby because it serves as an excellent source of nutrition, apart from that it is ever so effective in keeping the baby safe from ailments such as asthma or issues such as obesity.

Apart from this the time a mother spends breastfeeding the child is infinitely precious and helps forging a meaningful relationship between the two.

However often enough nursing mothers feel like they are unable to produce enough quantities of milk to keep the baby completely satisfied, so given here are some of the chief ways in which you can boost milk production.

  • Stick to a fibre rich diet by having foods such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, olive oil etc.
  • Cut down on your work load while nursing. If getting hired help is not an option, then ask the other members in your household to aid you in your chores.
  • Perform stress relieving tasks like playing an instrument or drawing.
  • Get plenty of sleep. To help you, try syncing your sleep patterns with that of the baby.
  • Drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated will certainly restrict breast milk production.

Interestingly enough, breastfeeding is not merely beneficial to the baby, but it is also great for helping nursing mothers shed some of the weight which they put on during their pregnancy.

Here are some great tips to help you slim down during breastfeeding

  • Set a distinct goal for yourself, once this is done, then aim at losing the weight slowly but surely. Don’t attempt to lose it all at once.
  • Have a balanced diet and make a proper meal plan. Don’t indulge yourself as much as you used to during pregnancy. If you like to engage the services of a dietician.
  • Breast feed as much as possible. This is an effective way to lose weight.
  • Practice yoga or Pilates

So if you are a nursing mother then you must take the time out of your busy schedule. As hard as nursing or wearing a nursing bra constantly might seem, you ought to treasure this precious time with the young one, who you have just brought into this world!

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