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Giving birth to a child is never easy and recovering from birth is even more difficult, especially when it’s about C-section recovery.

Approximately, one-third of pregnancies end up in a C-section. So, if you are expecting or going to deliver an infant, you need to get acquainted with the breastfeeding tips that will help you create an eternal bond with your little one.

So, here is how you start!

Stay Prepared in Advance

Getting prepped up in advance to feed your little one is an ideal way to learn the tips and tricks, no matter whether you will undergo a C-section or a vaginal birth. Taking up infant’s feeding classes help would-be-mothers in preparing in advance. You can check the hospitals where you will be delivering your child as many of them schedule special feeding classes for expecting mothers.

Key point - Knowing things in advance for nursing makes things easier for the future, especially if a C-section is unplanned.

Skin-to-Skin during Suturing – A Bliss!

Though after a C-section the surgeon would be closing your incision, you must ask them for skin-to-skin contact with your newborn. This will create a bond with your tot and regulate its temperature with you.

Key point – Early bonding with an infant helps stimulate the baby’s nursing instincts.

Make Your Wish Known to Breastfeed Your Baby Right After its Birth

After the baby’s birth, nurses often offer a bottle to the baby at times when it is separated from its mother. This might cause nipple confusion, sleepiness, or lack of desire for the breast in the baby. Therefore, you should let your gynecologist know your wish to breastfeed your child right after its birth.

Key Point –Make sure your nipple should be the first thing that your little one gets to feel.

Nurse Your Little One with the help of Your Partner

nursing baby

After your infant is brought back to you once cleaned, you should immediately offer your breast for feeding. Using a nursing bra will help you do the task easily. Initially, you might feel numbness for a while, but you can ask your partner for help in positioning the infant for the feed.

Key Point – Hold your toddler in a comfortable position to establish a solid nursing relationship with your little one.

Keep Patience; an Infant takes Time to Figure out Everything

If you are becoming a mother for the first time, you need to keep patience when feeding your baby. This is because everything is new for you and your baby. Just as you might be figuring out ways to feed your baby, the same is the case with the baby as it would be learning ways to latch and suck.

Key Point –Be patient as your baby is learning how to take your feed.

Use a Clutch Hold or a Tweak Positioning

best nursing breast pads

To avoid putting pressure on your healing incision, you need to learn a few ways of feeding your toddler. A clutch hold or a tweak position is an ideal way to make your baby comfortable and provide it with a feed without pressurizing on your incision.

Key Point –Use a clutch hold or a tweak positioning for carrying your baby comfortably without putting pressure on your abdomen.

So, these are a few tips for breastfeeding that all would-be-mothers need to know before going for the C-Section.

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