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One of the things I learned as a first-time mum is that breastfeeding is best understood through experience. Sure, my Pedia was there to help me through the technical science-y stuff and at the same time, my mum was there to guide me through with golden nuggets of wisdom. But let’s be honest, everything we hear or read from those around us (or the Internet) don't always come out useful in all instances - there are times you’d have to tweak certain advice depending on the situation you’re in.

This, along with other things make breastfeeding difficult to understand. One of the hassles that come with breastfeeding is choosing whether to wear something stylish or comfortable - Deep inside, there’s a little voice telling you to be that cool/sexy mom, but at the same time there’s another voice that tells you that comfy is the way to go.

Why not have both?

In this guide, we’ll share with you 8 wardrobe must-haves that'll make breastfeeding a breeze, so that you have one less thing to worry about as a preggy mum. These 8 Happy Maternity exclusives ensure an ultra-breathable experience and make you feel sexy inside and out at the same time.


Seamless Nursing Bra:

The HM Seamless Nursing Bra is the perfect solution for your growing bust both during pregnancy, and when you're nursing! This HM Exclusive has a one-piece molded design that ensures maximum comfort as your breasts grow. It has wide shoulder straps that lie flat against your back and side panels that allow more mobility and prevent back pain at the same time.

Seamless Nursing BraGigi Stripes Seamless Nursing Bra; $21.90


LM Nursing Camisole:

Pull this nursing camisole on and you will feel simply sublime! Wear it under your office clothes, or casually at home as a tank or as sleepwear.

Nursing Camisole LM Basics Nursing Camisole with Built-In Bra; $21.90


Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Bra:

This ultra-soft sleep bra should be every mom's essential. Emma Paris is made out of organic bamboo viscose and it’s thin, breathable, lightweight, gives a fantastic lift. Mums love this because it has no underwiring thus giving ultimate comfort while breastfeeding. Also, the padding is removable so that you could have extra comfort while you sleep.

Racerback Sleep BraEmma Paris Racerback Sleep Bra; $24.90


LM Nursing Pajamas:

Who says sleepwear can't be fashionable? The outer layer of this pair of PJ's is a pro at keeping you from feeling cold. It has an easy-open flap that ensures you’ll feel cozy even on all-night nursing and all-day work! 

Nursing PajamasBlush Pink Maternity & Nursing Pajamas; $44.90


LM Basics Nursing Tee:

Looking to rock a minimalistic vibe? Then this is the perfect tee for you! This basic nursing tee is designed as "slim-fit" as possible while catering to the body changes experienced by mums during pregnancy. Its easy-access flap makes breastfeeding a breeze! With this tee, you wouldn't need to worry about coverage or putting on a nursing cover!

Basic TeeLM Basics Nursing Tee; $22.90


LM Long Sleeve Nursing Top:

Going outdoors with your baby? Not a problem! Fall in love with this long-sleeved top designed with comfort and style that's best worn outdoors. It comes in three beautiful colors - black, navy, and coffee. You can effortlessly sport a cool mom vibe with this one! 

Long Sleeved TopLM Long Sleeve Nursing Top$24.90 


360 Privacy Nursing Cover:

The Lovemere 360 Privacy Nursing Cover is made of ultra-soft breathable fabric that's thick enough to prevent it from being see-through, yet keep it cool and breezy inside. The neckline is designed to maintain privacy from the outside while still allowing you to have eye contact with your baby so you can feed your little one anytime, anywhere!

Nursing Cover 360 Privacy Nursing Cover; $18.90


LM Navy Nursing Stripes Top:

Enjoy easy comfort and style with this discreet Striped Nursing Top. Functional and stylish, this Navy striped nursing shirt conveniently opens in the front for when you need to nurse your little one.

The cute layered style makes this breastfeeding top a fashionable piece, easy to throw on over jeans while still providing you with comfort and functionality for when you need to nurse. 

Striped Top

LM Navy Nursing Stripes Top$24.90

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