May 26, 2018 3 min read

One of the interesting things about being pregnant is hearing all these crazy "Truths" about pregnancy - some are actually true (to some extent), while most are just outright myths. You may hear/read these stories from your parents, friends, or some random article on the Internet and immediately trust it. But one thing's for sure - you should always consult your physician before acting upon any of the stories you hear!

Today we're sharing 5 myths about pregnancy. It’s time to debunk these common pregnancy myths so read on to learn the truth behind them:

Myth: Sex during pregnancy is harmful to the baby

Truth: During a typical, uncomplicated pregnancy, women are allowed to make love with their partners as it will not harm the baby at any cost. The amniotic sac and thick mucus will protect the baby against infection. Most importantly, during intercourse, the penis will not go beyond the vagina during sex thus completely avoiding the baby. Although, there will be instances or complications in your pregnancy that sex is a no-no. It is best to consult your medical practitioner before doing any activity.

Myth: Exercise should be avoided when pregnant

Truth: As long as you exercise with caution, working out during pregnancy can be beneficial both to you and the baby. Only perform you planned activities when approved to be safe for your overall condition by your healthcare professionals.


Myth: Stress is bad for the baby

Truth: True enough, anything in excess is bad but hear me out. Moderate stress during pregnancy is both a blessing and a curse because it sets the fetus’ nervous system and accelerates development. Just a word of caution - unnecessary stress should still be avoided.


Myth: Your belly button can determine the gender of the baby

Truth: Determining the gender of your baby through your belly button shape is definitely an old wives’ tales. Some partners may prefer to surprise themselves on the day of birth to know the baby’s gender but some likes to guess. It’s not rocket-science to determine the baby’s gender, we all know that since it’s already 2018, right?

Myth: Foods you crave can also determine the gender of the baby

Truth: We’ve heard that if a pregnant woman craves for something sweet, the baby inside is a girl. If you, on the other hand, crave for something salty or sour, the baby you are carrying is said to be a boy. Even if we like to play the gender guessing game, the only way to make sure and prepare for the gender of the baby is through going to your doctor and having an ultrasound. While it may seem like a spoiler, it’s the only way to go.

If the circumstances were true for some people, it is still well-advised to research or visit your local health practitioner if you have questions about your pregnancy do’s and don’ts. All pregnant women have different experiences and needs, it’s all about adjusting to what works for you and your baby.

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