June 18, 2018 3 min read

Admit it, even if your child has done some things that made you want to pull out all your hair, at the end of the day, you always want what's best for them. No questions asked. All mothers want to give their children what they need in the best way possible, that's why it hurts when we, as parents, cannot give them what they want/need. There are even times that we're willing to make sacrifices just to prioritize their child's welfare, I guess that's just motherly love.

All mothers and mothers-to-be know that what we do, specifically what we eat, when our baby is still in our womb is a critical factor in determining the baby's health during delivery. But did you know that you can actually make the little one in your bump smarter by simply watching our day-to-day activities? 

A sharper brain in your formative years gives you advantages early on in life which makes it easier for your baby to grow up and accelerate ahead in class. In turn, graduating from school with great accomplishments will also help your future grown-up to land a job that can propel their career further in life. As a mother, wouldn’t that be the best gift you can give to your child, the gift of intelligence?

Now that you’re excited to know how much of an effect intelligence is on your baby’s life, later on, there are ways to help your child become the gifted genius that they can be:

    • Try to include more of the following in your diet:
      • Eggs - contain choline, which helps in memory and learning
      • Omega 3 fatty acids from fish/ fish oil supplement - Boosts brain power.
      • Iron - helps deliver oxygen to your baby. Oxygen deprivation may lead to an increased risk of poor growth and low IQ.
      • Leafy green veggies - contains anti-oxidants that protect your baby's brain tissue from damage. 
    • Your total dietary calories should contain:
      • At least 12% lean proteins 
      • Not more than 30% fat
      • Not more than 10% sugar
    • Light exercise
      • Releases hormones called "Endorphins" that makes you feel good and less stressed inside, a feeling that will be passed on to your little one. 
      • Can increase neurons in baby's hippocampus, the learning and memory part of the brain
    • Go outdoors from time-to-time to get some sunshine (vitamin D)

    Take note to remember avoiding the following, as these can hinder the development of your child’s intelligence:

    • Drugs and other stimulants (i.e. Caffeine)
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking (even 2nd hand smoke)
    • Lead (especially if living in an old house due to plumbing and paint)
    • Seafood from contaminated waters
    • Always buy fresh and in local markets if needed
    • Fishes to avoid as they may contain mercury and other dangerous substances: swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and other large ocean fish
    • Long exposure to high-intensity sounds

    *Do take note that, on the contrary, There is no scientific evidence that babies in the womb get smarter when you listen to classical music.

    As early as now, you can help your unborn go far in life. With these tips, your child’s success will be their “thank you” for you later on in life and as a mother to be, what’s better than seeing your child achieve the best in life?

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