May 12, 2018 2 min read

Drinking water is extra important during pregnancy though it’s not entirely the most talked about topic in the maternity space, it surely is a top priority. It is highly recommended to drink 10 glasses of fluids a day or approximately 2.4 liters. That much, you ask? Definitely! That amount of fluids also include the suggested 3 glasses of milk or soy.

Now, while some parts of the world are basking under the summer heat, it’s always important to stay hydrated - whenever, wherever. It’s quite simple to distinguish if you are getting enough water that is if your urine is pale yellow or colorless and trips to the bathroom are frequent

As an expecting mom, it’s essential to be monitoring your water intake. It’s both you and the baby who will reap its benefits. Here are some amazing facts:


1.) Reduces fluid retention
If you are afraid of retaining water, don’t be. The more you control your water, it can result to your body hanging on to more water when you are dehydrated. Your advised daily water intake is much higher during pregnancy to keep your body and baby both in good shape. Just make sure to always seek approval from your healthcare professionals as different women have different needs.


2.) Eliminates the risk of bladder infections or UTI
We all know water is the universal solvent and drinking enough would help you flush away your body’s toxins. It dilutes urine and prevent you from getting infections. An ample amount of water also prevents pre-term labor due to complications and/or infections.


3.) Prevent dehydration
Dehydration causes headaches, dizziness, cramps, swelling, etc. Being hydrated all the time will save you some time going to unnecessary hospital trips due to morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue.


4.) It delivers the good stuff to your fetus
The nutrients are carried to your baby through water. Think of it as the nutrients’ mode of transportation delivering your baby all the vitamins it needs.


Remember to keep hydrated all the time and monitor your water or fluid intake however you want. We suggest hourly markers, alarms, an application reminder, etc. It will sure make a whole lot of difference.

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