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Whether you want to go crazy on the social media posting adorable pictures of your newborn or you want to add the newborn’s pictures to your family album and create lasting memories, there are certain pictures you shouldn’t miss taking within two days of your baby’s birth.

The tiny little newborn baby grows faster than you can imagine and taking the pictures early on has its advantages. The baby is not mobile at this stage and spends most time napping, making them easier to position well and take lovely pictures. Also, this is a great time for candid shots with the other members of the baby’s family.

Here are some pictures you should get clicked within the first two days of your baby’s birth.

1. The skin-to-skin shot

skin to skinImg source: Unicef UK

The mum and the baby share a special bonding even before the baby comes out of the womb. However, catching the special moment when the baby is laid on the mother for some skin-to-skin contact can make for a wonderful picture.


2. The sleep faces
babyImg source: Lovemère / Bows & Ribbons Photography

Newborn babies might just cry, feed, and sleep. But, if you look at them sleeping, you will realize that they display a range of facial expressions while they sleep. And these expressions are simply priceless! Capture them in the camera!

3. Bring the Daddy in the picture

father and babyImg source: Lovemère / Bows & Ribbons Photography

We talk about motherhood right from the time the baby is born. Don’t leave out the father out of the party, though! Fathers’ lives are also forever changed after the birth of their babies. Commemorate this life-changing event by having an exclusive shot of the dad holding the baby for the first time.

4. Sibling love

Even though siblings can turn the house into a fight club, there is no denying that they love each other to bits! And the first time your older children see the baby can make for wonderful pictures. Capture their expressions when they look at their baby brother or sister for the first time. 

5. In the grandparents’ safe hands

The grandparents await the birth of the baby as much as the parents themselves. Appreciate their love and capture it in beautiful pictures of when they first see their grandchild.

6. The open wide awake shot

Newborns sleep a lot. But there are little intervals when they are neither crying nor sleeping. It is a small window. But if you play your cards right, you can get the shot of your newborn staring right at the camera with their bright little eyes.

7. Oh so tiny!

father and babyImg source: Lovemère / Bows & Ribbons Photography

A newborn grows pretty fast. So get some pictures taken while they still have the tiny features. Holding your hand against their tiny feet or hands, for instance, can give perspective to juts how tiny they really are! You can take pictures of their little hands, feet, or that cute nose and the little ears.

8. The first bath

Newborns usually love water, after all, they have spent the last 9 months swimming inside our womb. So, babies are extremely calm and at ease when they are given their baths. Capture the serene expressions of your newborn when they are given the first bath.

9. Announce the baby’s name in style

Let the world know what you have named the baby by placing a small placard near the baby with the name on it. It makes for a lovely announcement picture which you can share with friends and family.

10. All the little things

You must have shopped little things for your baby. Select your favorites such as the cue onesie, a pair of mittens, little booties, the rattle you loved, etc. Place these things around the baby and have a picture to remember all the little things your baby had when it was born.

So, mums, happy clicking! If you are expecting your baby soon, it would be nice to plan which pictures you want and keeping the props ready. Discuss it with your partner who can either arrange for a photographer or take the pictures themselves. But surely, these will be the pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime! 

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