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Pregnancy and childbirth bring along many changes. Some of these changes can be magical and others may completely freak you out. Hormonal changes during this time can affect many things including your hair. Usually, during the pregnancy stage, your hair will grow faster and appears to be thicker. However, a few months after giving birth, you might be shocked to see your hair fall out in clumps! This hair fall is referred to as postpartum hair loss.

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Mummies, if you are having postpartum hair loss, too, stop panicking. It is more common than you think. And some effective home remedies can help you deal with it better.

1. Be Gentle with Your Hair

Your hair follicles are very delicate, especially in the telogen (resting) phase. During this time, they can be shredded easily. Hence, to avoid that, be gentle with your hair while brushing, washing, and drying them. If possible, make use of silk pillow covers so your hair doesn't get pulled while you are sleeping.

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2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Although postpartum hair loss is unavoidable, some nutritional changes can help curb it. Maintaining a healthy diet will fulfill extra demands on the energy level of the body even after the birth of the baby. To avoid any deficiency, make sure to eat a healthy and well-maintained diet that includes protein, fruit, leafy vegetables, iron, antioxidants, and flavonoids.

3. Start Nutritional Supplements

No matter how much you try to have a balanced diet, you can still have some nutritional deficiency. Since a new mom needs to have a nutritional balance, it makes sense to take supplements your doctor prescribes. Take your postnatal supplements and it would go a long way in maintaining overall health including scalp and hair health.

4. Reduce Stress

It can get difficult to sit down and relax when you have to take care of a newborn. But, do make it a point to take time out for relaxation. This is because a stress hormone called cortisol deeply impacts your hair cycle by changing your hormones. Indulge yourself in some by meditation, massage, or spa. Gentle exercise can also help relieve stress.

5. Try to Change Your Hairstyle 

A good haircut can really make a difference to your complete look. Trimmed hair look and feel healthy and the right hairstyle can make your hair look thicker. If you decide to cut your hair a little shorter, remember that short hair is easier to maintain. Try to avoid tight hairstyles that cause hair-pulling. Also, use widely spaced combs gently for brushing your hair.

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6. Avoid Hair Treatment and Chemicals

Avoid using blow dryers, curlers and straighteners to prevent more damage to your hair. Also, avoid any chemical-based treatment like highlights, perms until the hair loss stops. Do not use harsh gels and sprays for styling your hair. Prefer the use of natural oils that help your hair regrowth.

For many women, hair loss can be a distressing process after delivery. But remember that it is just a phase. Once the post-delivery hormones stabilize, the hair loss will also come under control. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in just haircare, but in your overall health. A little bit of patience and a little TLC for your hair is all you need!

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