Makings of Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bras

If you’ve ever wondered what's the process of creating our popular Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra ("LSNB") is like, let us show you today.

Because support in a nursing bra comes primarily from the frame and the bra's elastic band, every element of the LSNB is individually sourced by Lovemère from the elastane fibers to its straps, bra hardware, hook & eye closure, nursing clips, rings, and sliders.

Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bras

Our bra straps are made of high quality elastic and padded for comfort. The hook-and-eye closure securely holding the bra together must be soft. The nursing clips, rings, and slides, usually made of strong environmentally-friendly plastic, has to be comfortable and non-irritating on the skin.


The stretch directions of the bra fabric is incredibly essential for the bra's fit and support, hence our pattern-maker used the smartest way possible to create the knitting pattern pieces of bra cups, the under-bust band and the centre back panels, in order to materialize the bra we had in mind.


Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bras


Knitting and Weaving the Fabric

When it comes to choosing the fabric used to construct a bra, how the fabric sits on and move with the body is top concern.

The Double Construction knit, which has excellent stretch-recovery properties makes an important factor in the durability of a nursing bra. Knit fabrics are created with a knitting machine, which produces interlocking loops of thread and the individual strands will then be intertwined into a single piece of nursing bra fabric. This allows the final fabric to stretch comfortably with the movements of the wearer without causing discomfort or restrain. We opted for China because the factory we chose have the technology to create our nursing bras using the double-knitting method we wanted.

Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bras


It was paramount that the owner of the factory is approved by Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an initiative established by the Federal Trade Organization (FTA) for companies who wish to improve their social compliance. Participating companies are subjected to numerous audit checks targeting aspects from workplace health & safety to compensation-related and environmental responsibility.

Testing Phase

To create a bra with the optimal fit, we enlisted the help of real mums all with varying height/body shape/weight, to check the feel, fit and functionality of the bras as they go about their busy daily lives parenting, nursing and working.

We needed to make sure that the fabric and elasticity will last well despite regular usage and laundering so we ran countless wash tests.

These tests made up the final but most crucial stage to see if our product will live up to the standards we stand by.

Production and Quality Control

Sewing lingerie differs lot from general clothing-sewing. A nursing bra in particular, is one of the most challenging garments you can sew and so we only use seamstresses that are meticulous and precise.

Once production is completed, every nursing bra will go through rigorous quality control checks. The bras are also re-measured to ensure it's the correct size.

Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bras

Upon arriving in Singapore’s warehouse, we run them through yet another round of quality control checks before we deem them suitable for delivery. It is from this warehouse that all our items are shipped all over the world to your doorstep.

At Lovemère, quality is more than just good-enough; It has to also mean that our product must be sustainably long-wearing. The real test between LSNB and other similar nursing bra is simply this- LSNB is able to maintain the shape of its bra frame and elasticity of fabrics despite prolonged wear, with proper bra care.

Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bras

Due to overwhelming requests, we are excited to announce that Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra has extended another size to XXL. It fits mummies with bust circumference from 99cm onwards, recommended for cups 80D / 80E / 85B / 85C / 85D / 90A / 90B / 90C / 95A / 95B. This is to cater to your ever growing busts during your pregnancy, breastfeeding days and beyond. More mums can now enjoy the comfort of our nursing bras.

If you feel that you are not satisfied with your LSNB fitting, please message us at, and we will be sure we take care of you. You always have 30 days' right to exchange or return the product(s). All positive or negative feedback helps us to create your perfect nursing bra.

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