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Being a mother is a full-time job, even if you are a working mother or a homemaker who takes care of the household. You don’t get a break from motherhood. Even when you are cooking food for the family, or doing the laundry, or attending that meeting with a client, your motherhood is always there, waiting in the background. That’s how things are once you become a mother. A woman’s life completely changes forever.

sick mum
Image source: Parents Magazine

The problem is that problems don’t know that a woman is a mother now and has her own set of problems. And the worse are medical problems or underlying health conditions that rear their ugly heads and the worse of the times. So a mum with frequent bouts of migraine might need to grit her teeth and smile at her baby even as she tries to win over the pounding in her head. A mum down with a cold and fever might have no option but to get up in the night to nurse her newborn. A diabetic mum might have to balance her baby duty and work at the office while still taking time out for her own exercise and diet. The examples are endless. But, the reality is that all over the world, countless women are dealing with their medical issues while still providing the best for their children.

Taking care of a baby when you are sick can be very challenging. It becomes all the more difficult if caring for the baby leaves you not just tired but also sleep deprived. It can be tiring, frustrating, and sometimes even detrimental to your own health. But, motherhood gives you a unique ability to cope with things. It introduces you to an inner strength you never knew you had in yourself. It surprises you with the courage that it gives you to deal with things.

However, dear mummies, don’t ever take your health issues lightly. Being a mum might have made you stronger and more able to deal with pain and discomfort, but, that does not mean you should neglect your medical conditions. See a doctor, take your medicines on time, get those tests done for correct diagnosis, and take care of yourselves. Ask for help and support from family and friends when you think you have too much on your plate.

mum and baby
Image source: Abbott nutrition

So mummies, relax. This too shall pass! Hang in there while the magical motherhood helps you sail over all problems. Don’t lose hope. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel inadequate. We know you are doing a great job! Your reward? Your children’s smiles and hugs and kisses, of course! 

Priceless, wouldn’t you say?

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