January 07, 2019 3 min read

No, I am not an insomniac. On the contrary, I love my nightly shut-eye to bits! I am the opposite of an insomniac! But, still I stay awake for most part of a night.

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Motherhood can be many things – wonderful, fulfilling, and gratifying – but it is also extremely tiring. My baby doesn’t sleep at night. In the two months that he has been out of my belly, he hasn’t learnt the difference between day and night. He takes brief naps up to 3 hours long during the day, but come night, and it’s as if he has suddenly been blessed with a boundless source of energy. He refuses to settle down for the night even after I give him a relaxing massage and a warm bath. He wants to play even after I draw the curtains, switch off the lights and keep the house as quiet as possible. It is almost as if he plans on giving me a hard time at night.

Around a week ago, I found that I was physically and emotionally drained. It had been fifty days that I hadn’t had a peaceful night’s sleep. A good 7-8 hours of sleep seemed so long ago, it was almost as if it was in another lifetime. I felt perpetually tired and exhausted. I felt like a zombie when I moved around the house trying to get things done. As a new mother, there is so much to do, and so less time! This was when I realized that I will go insane if I continue to live like this and I decided to take matters in my hands. My baby still doesn’t sleep through the night. But, I have successfully been able to reduce the stress that it caused me.

The first step is to acknowledge that motherhood is difficult. Yes, it’s not an easy job and there is no shame in admitting it. It does not make me a less of a mother to accept that I am not perfect. So now, I don’t lose my mind over laundry not folded and stacked neatly, a kitchen that isn’t scrubbed till it gleams, and a dinner that does not have three elaborate courses. I have learnt to take things easy. My baby doesn’t sleep at night, so I make up for my lost sleep by taking short power naps when the baby sleeps during the day. When the baby naps, I nap too. And if I can’t fall asleep, I still make it a point to lie down and close my eyes and get that much needed rest. Yes, a daytime nap is not a replacement for a good night time sleep. But, as a mother, I have learnt to adapt.

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I have found that these small changes in my daily routine have helped me cope with being a new mum. That really is the secret to being a sane mum – building a coping mechanism.

So build yours and get ready to rock motherhood!      

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