October 03, 2018 3 min read

Are you an expecting mother? Then you would agree that in many ways pregnancy a blissful experience! People around you are suddenly so sensitive to your needs, your significant other enjoys pampering you, you have this glow on your face, and baby showers are so much fun! But, this is also the time when negative thoughts creep up on you without warning. Add to this the hormones which are wreaking a havoc inside you. The result is mood swings and frequent bouts of unexplained anxiety.

So, if one moment you are daydreaming about holding your newborn child in your arms, the next moment you are worried something is going to be horribly wrong! Whether you are a first-time mum-to-be, or a mother of two with your third child on the way, everyone has their moment of doubts. The point is, you are not alone when you are tossing and turning in bed, worried about all the things that could go wrong in your pregnancy. The good news is that most of these fears are unsupported by facts!

So relax, and take a look at the top ten fears women have during their pregnancy. How many are you scared of?

  1. Will my baby have some form of birth defect? The chances of a serious birth defect are statistically quite low!


  1. Will I have a miscarriage? Again, the chances are lower than you’d think!


  1. Will I be able to bear the labor pain? Yes, our bodies are designed for this and you have a higher threshold for pain than you know!


  1. Is my baby getting enough nutrition? Even if you are throwing up at an alarming frequency, as long as you are not severely dehydrated, your baby is just fine!


  1. Will breastfeeding be difficult? Nursing is a very natural thing, and with the right support and guidance, it will be a breeze! Make sure to stock up on nursing dresses to make the whole thing more comfortable.

  2. Will I ever get rid of all this weight? Wait till the baby is born. The new addition to your family will keep you on your toes and you will exercise all day long without even realizing it! Apart from this, maintaining an active lifestyle during maternity goes a long way in staying fit.

  3. Will I make it to the hospital on time? Make sure you have your bag packed and someone to drive you to the hospital, at all times when your time is near. This way, you’re covered.

  4. Would my sex life ever be the same after the baby? Why not? Just make sure you have an open conversation with your partner about sex after the baby.

  5. Am I eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones? As long as you are not smoking or drinking, taking your supplements on time, and following your doctor’s advice, you are good to go!

  6. Will I look unattractive after the baby? In any case, beauty and attractiveness are subjective. Why not buy some beautiful maternity dresses that complement your post-pregnancy body and help you feel more confident?

So, ladies, enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry too much. Of course, if you are planning to go on bungee jumping or paragliding during pregnancy, you should be worried! But in most other cases, don’t fret too much. Today, the pressure to have the perfect pregnancy and doing only the best is so real, we forget that our mothers never bothered with perfection when they were carrying us. And we did turn out fine, didn’t we?

Of course, if you have any discomfort, underlying medical conditions, or serious doubts, you should always consult your doctor. But, when it comes to unfounded anxiety, just take a deep breath and relax! And while you are relaxing, why not take a look at some wonderful and useful maternity products at our website www.lovemere.com? Nothing like shopping to get rid of all those jitters, right?

Pregnancy could be difficult for some, but remember that what comes after would make pregnancy seem like cakewalk. Just saying!

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