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As soon as we miss our periods, we often wonder, “Am I pregnant? “ but instead of getting a home pregnancy test, we also tend to look for more signs if we are already in the road to pregnancy. Well, we women seem to be stubborn - and we don’t want to take that test when we are not 100% sure if we are pregnant.


The tricky part of knowing if we indeed now have symptoms of pregnancy is that most of the early signs of pregnancies are identical to PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome). However, there are specific difference between PMS and early symptoms of pregnancy.


Before you purchase your first maternity dress or nursing dress, you may want to know these signs of pregnancy.


1.      Cramps

Cramps is the classic PMS, that monthly pain from mild to severe dysmenorrhea that occur 24-48 hours before our period. Surprisingly, cramps is one of the most common signs of pregnancy as well. It signals the implantation of fertilised egg in the uterus. While cramps are felt in the lower part of the stomach, cramps as a sign of pregnancy also involves pain in the lower back.


2.      Vaginal Discharge

 Our menstrual cycle is built around vaginal discharge from that cloudy mucus to sticky, egg-white like discharge. If you have a light bleeding, you are may be spotting - another result from implantation of the fertilised egg. This occurs from 10-14 days after conception.


3.      Swollen breasts

 A week or two after conception, you will start to feel breast pain that can be sore, tender, and sensitive. This is caused by the increase production of progesterone as your body transforms for nursing and breastfeeding. Swollen breasts, often with fuller breasts is one of the first physical changes that can occur in a woman’s body when pregnant.


4.      Frequent peeing

 Have you noticed that you keep going back to the bathroom every ten minutes? From 9-16 weeks after conception, blood flow to the kidney will increase between 35-60% and as a result, your body will produce more urine. Increase trips to the bathroom will continue until the end your pregnancy as a growing uterus can put pressure to your bladder.


5.      Constipation

 Pregnancy symptoms can be discomforting and one of them is constipation. Hormones slow down digestion as well as weakening your rectal muscles resulting to passing hard and dry stool. Constipation occurs during the 1st pregnancy and can be relieved by adding more water and fibre in your diet.


6.      Fatigue

 Another effect of progesterone is fatigue while on maternity. Some women who are balls of energy often find themselves tired throughout the day when they are expecting. Do you find yourself always sleepy to the point that you can just sleep anywhere? Fatigue is one of the symptoms that will last until the end of the pregnancy, therefore, pregnant women should make sure they have enough rest.


7.      Nausea

What is classic pregnancy symptoms? Vomiting of course! Dizziness will happen during the 1st month of pregnancy and while some women don’t have any morning sickness (lucky ones!), there are some suffering from severe morning sickness such as the Duchess of Cambridge, that require hospitalization.


8.      Mood swings

Moody and cranky - a common PMS right? But pregnant women are more than just moody, there are instant changes in moods from feeling excited to the coming of the baby to deep sadness and anxiety. This is another effects of hormones. Some women also become aggressive or build a temporary strong personality when they are pregnant.


9.      Sensitive sense of smell

Some women during their first months of expecting develop a superhuman sense of smell. This seemingly uncanny ways pregnant women can smell from garlic to the smell of metals inside the train, can also bring discomfort and hyper sensitivity. This symptoms will pass by the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.


10.     Food cravings

When your period is coming, women crave for something sweet, salty, or something carbohydrates but the early symptoms of pregnancy that involves food is also different. When you are expecting, you crave for a specific food, not flavour. Hence, women during their pregnancy will be craving for pizza and even something they used to dislike. Some pregnant women will also experience an aversion to certain food.


The ultimate way to know if you’re pregnant or not is to take the test, but it is also good to know some tell signs if you are indeed expecting. These symptoms on the other hand, not only tell if your hunch is correct but a start of your journey on how your body and mind changes and transforms as your bay grows into you until the time you welcome your bundle of joy into this world.

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