August 06, 2018 3 min read

Multitasking has never been a problem for me at all. Working, socializing, and exercising were the things I get excited about all the time. Time management was a piece of cake until baby number 1 came along. I know, right?

For a working mom, saying that you are busy is an understatement. And yes, I can relate 100%. No matter how crunched our errands and loads are, we should always make time to breathe even on the craziest days. If other moms can do it, so can you!

The single most important thing you can do first is organizing your time. Here are tips and tricks on how you can advance your time management game.


Establish sane hours of work.

Working Girl

Even the most organized and skilled moms need rest, too. Determine realistic and attainable goals with your employer, or assistants if you own a business. Be sure nothing overlaps with your baby time and work time because when your baby needs you, it’s basically non-negotiable.


Streamline all your daily activities.


List down every little detail. When you are new to the mommy world, the tendency is you’ll get overwhelmed on all the things you should do. It should not be the case because listing down all your activities help lessen the anxiety of forgetting important stuff such as feeding time, milk pumping time, changing diapers, or even cooking dinner.


Get sleep whenever possible.

Sleeping woman

Sleep is a luxury and every new mom knows that but remember that sleep is important for all the hardworking moms out there. It’s self-care for your own mental, emotional, and physical health. Not only will you function the best way possible but you will also get the “mom glow” when you’re refreshed and ready to take on your daily challenges.


Accept help.

Holding Hands

You do not ever have to do all the things by yourself. You are a supermom, but supermoms need help too. All your tasks and errands will eventually be easy once you get a hang of it. And as much as possible, get help on the first month or so.


Be resourceful.

Girl Working On Laptop

Use whatever means you can find to save time. I’m pretty sure there’s an application for delivering groceries, not only are you saving on gas but you are also going to save the hassle of long lines. Make use of paying your bills online. It’s those simple errands that take a chunk of your time, so be smart about it!


Take advantage of your baby’s nappy time.

Sleeping Baby

Your baby’s nap time is the quietest you will get all day. Get a shut-eye when the baby does, it’s going to be efficient for both of you. It isn’t always easy getting quality sleep when sometimes your baby decides to take an all-nighter but do whatever it takes to get all the rest you can

Between us moms, when you're taking good care of your body and mind, you can be more resilient and smart toward the challenges the come your way. Prepare for any possibilities but don’t stress yourself whenever you get caught off guard. Your partner’s support is vital and since life with kids is unpredictable, learn how you can both maximize the time taking care of your baby while also getting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


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