August 12, 2018 2 min read

Using your pre-maternity cup size or not opting to be measured by a professional.

It is inevitable that this would make it to our list. But did you ever wonder why maternity moms commonly make the mistake of buying the wrong sized nursing bra? It is important to note that our breasts go through drastic changes during our maternity period so using our pre-maternity cup size won’t cut it.

Next is getting measured professionally. Measuring yourself (or with the help of your hubby or friend) would do the trick… If you know how to measure it right. But to save yourself the hassle of approximating the right bra size while considering ample allowance due to drastic size change over time, try getting fitted professionally by the department store or lingerie shop clerks. They know what’s best and are trained for these situations. The few extra bucks you will spend will be worth it, trust me!


“One style fits all” thinking.

I admit, back then I thought that bra shapes have nothing to do with my body type. I just thought that they were styles and that it was up to the wearer which one to wear based on her taste. Different bra types are specifically designed based on different shoulder, breast, and back shapes. Though there is no hard rule on what type to use, you could follow certain guidelines. Check out this guide on How to Choose the Right Bra Shape by Penny Goldstone from Marie Claire.


Putting less value on other parts of the bra like the strap, band, and hooks.

Soon to be mums commonly make the mistake of choosing an ill-fitted bra because they shop too early, usually at their 8th or 9th month of pregnancy. A bad fit does not only mean that you chose the wrong size, but it could also be that the band or strap is not elastic enough to support the size of your bust, or orientation of your shoulders/back.

One note when it comes to bands is that moms usually make the mistake of choosing a bra with a bigger back band, this is important because 80% of the bra support is provided by the back band. To ensure a better fit, try to find nursing bras that have 4-6 hooks and eyes as this will allow room for adjustments when your rib cage contracts once you give birth.

Didn’t know that you’d have to consider a lot of things when choosing your nursing bra, huh? Well, I did too back then! But don’t worry, just follow these simple guidelines and you should be good to go!

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