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Whether you have a planned C-section birth or an emergency C-section because vaginal birth is not progressing as expected, there are certain things about C-section that nobody tells you. Here are a few things you should know ahead to avoid surprises later.

1.  You are still going to bleed

It is a common misconception that if you don’t give birth vaginally, you won’t bleed. While it is true that postpartum bleeding is lesser in the case of a C-section, there is no way you can completely avoid it. The bleeding can be low to moderate and can last for up to six weeks.

2. You can expect to feel some tugging during the procedure

The spinal block ensures that you don’t have any sensation in your body waist down. However, many women claim that they do feel a slight tugging in the abdominal area when the baby is taken out. The pain, however, is absent due to the anesthetic effect.

3. You might get quite cold

Temperatures inside the operation theater can usually be low. Add to it that you are lying half-naked and a little nervousness about giving birth. All this can make you feel quite cold. The good thing is that if you ask for it, your upper body can be covered with a blanket to help you deal with the chills.

4. Coughing, sneezing, or laughing too hard can feel uncomfortable

Things that put some pressure on your abdomen such as coughing, sneezing, or laughing too hard can hurt a little. A good way to deal with this is to hold a cushion tight against you while you do such things. Or even better, use a maternity binder or wrap that can have multiple benefits. You can check out the comfortable and useful postpartum binder from Happy Maternity.

5. Say hello to constipation

It is quite normal to have some level of constipation after a C-section. This is mostly due to restricted or low movements after a C-section. The best way to counter this problem is to use a doctor-approved laxative or stool softener and to be as active as you can once your doctor gives you a green signal. Movement helps ease your bowels. Remember that this is a temporary phase and once your routine is set, things will automatically fall in place.

6. You can have gas pain – in your shoulders

Due to sluggish bowel movements, gas is common. This gas can put pressure on your diaphragm and the pain can reach your shoulders. Gas-relief medication is one way to deal with this issue. Walking around after meals, and generally being active can help prevent or lessen the pain.

shoulder painImage source: Yaasa

7. The scar can be overwhelming

Even though the incision is below the bikini line, the sight of the scar can be a bit overwhelming, at least initially. Many women say that they were shocked to see the scar the first time they saw it. But the good news is that the scar gradually flattens and fades with time. And besides, do remember that it is a reminder that you created a wonderful human being.

caesarian, c-section, scar
Image source: Huffpost

8. You can be vulnerable to infections

During the recovery after a C-section birth, you can be prone to infections, especially to the incision, uterus, or the bladder. However, proper hygiene during the surgery can significantly reduce the risk of an infection.

9. Your genitals will still be touched

Just because you are not delivering through the vagina does not mean that the genitals will not be touched. A catheter will be inserted just before the surgery is to begin. Also, the vagina would be cleaned after delivery and would be checked for the flow of the bleeding. Don’t let this bother you, though.

Giving birth is a wonderful experience and being mentally prepared for all eventualities can help you take every new experience in your stride. Just remember that everything you go through is for the little bundle of joy that you give birth to after nurturing her in your womb for nine months. Happy birthing!

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