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It is natural to feel anxious about labor and childbirth. But with the right preparation, you can easily sail through this important phase in your life. Here are a few tips to help you have a calm labor and birth.

1. Seek knowledge

Preparing yourself by learning everything about labor and childbirth can be very helpful. Take a prenatal class to learn about birthing. Read and research to understand the process so that you know what to expect. Know about the birthing positions, C-section process, etc. Educate yourself as much as possible.

2. Ask questions

When would you need a C-section? How do contractions feel? What is the ideal dilation to facilitate a vaginal birth? Ask your doctor any and all questions that you might have about labor. Make sure the doctor understands your concerns well so that you don’t have the need to have lengthy discussions while you are in the middle of your labor.

3. Have your support system ready

Having a good support system always helps. It could be your partner, a friend, your mum, or anyone you trust. Speak to them about your fears and concerns so that they know what to expect when you go into labor. You can ask ahead at the hospital to find out if they allow you to have someone in the labor room with you. Usually, hospitals will allow a partner to support you during birthing. They can help by using relaxation techniques such as back rubbing and helping you squat, etc.

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4. Remember to be comfortable

Being comfortable is extremely important when you are ready to give birth. Have things which you find relaxing at hand. It could be your favorite blanket, or a pair of comfortable socks, or even a soothing essential oil dabbed on a cotton ball. Having things that you find relaxing near you can help you have a calm and comfortable labor.

5. Positive birthing stories help

The way labor and childbirth are depicted in movies can give anyone the chills. It is possible to have labor that is not half as uncomfortable or painful. So go for positive stories where women have been able to give birth quickly and easily. Talk to women who have stories of their good experiences to share. A little positivity can go a long way in calming your fears and making the process easier for you.

6. Be prepared

When your contractions start, this is not the best time to pack the bag for the hospital. Knowing that you are already well prepared to go to the hospital can take some of the panic out of the situation. Have a bag ready with all the things you need so that when the time comes, you can just pick up the bag and leave for the hospital. You can check out our labor essentials such as confinement nursing wear and accessories. Be prepared for a stress free birthing experience.

7. Know that it’s okay to be scared

You don’t really need to worry about being judged for being scared of the pain or for shouting out loud. The doctors and nurses are used to dealing with different situations and nobody would really mind you being a little afraid of things or asking silly questions.

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8. Build your stamina and strength

If you join an antenatal class, you will be made aware of yoga poses and squatting positions that can help with a calm and comfortable labor. Also, exercise under medical supervision can help you build strength and stamina to go through labor with relative ease.

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9. Be active during labor

Even if the contractions feel uncomfortable, moving during labor helps. Walk while you can. Even if you are sitting, keep changing positions or stand for a while every now and then. Being active helps shake things up in your belly and helps the baby move towards the birthing canal easily.

10. Have a conducive environment around you

Try to keep the labor room as comfortable and relaxing as possible. A dark room with minimal noise works. Scented candles with soothing fragrances such as lavender can have a very calming effect. Relaxing music or any music that can help you calm yourself can make all the difference.    

Remember that a stress-free labor happens in your mind first.

So, if you think you can go through a calm labor, you can make it happen!

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