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Breastfeeding is not just a way to provide nourishment to your baby. It’s a way to share your love with your little one. Those special moments that you share with your baby are truly magical.

At Lovemère, we create beautiful maternity and nursing garments to make these magical moments even more special.

Last month as we celebrated the World Breastfeeding Week, we asked you mummies to share your breastfeeding stories with us. Thank you for letting us into your world and telling us about your breastfeeding experience.

Every breastfeeding journey is as unique as you are. And we loved all the stories our mummies shared with us. We have selected some of the best reads from our Instagram and google form submission.

We hope these stories can encourage and inspire other mummies on their breastfeeding journeys.

Mummy Rachel nursing her little one, with Chloe Dream Love Organic Bra.


I would say one of the greatest challenges of motherhood, especially entering into it for the first time, was breastfeeding. My baby was on the small side, and my nipples were/ are ridiculously huge for her tiny mouth, and in the initial weeks, we worried so much about whether baby S was getting enough milk. I struggled with engorgement, clogged ducts, invisible but nasty milk blisters, and of course, the perpetual feeling of being on the clock, enslaved by the reminder that the next pump or latch was right around the corner. Depending on the season, the baby could stay glued to the boob for an hour and yet be fussy about the position or flow, contributing to muscle aches and a wrist tendon condition.

I felt like I perpetually smelt of milk in a very unattractive way. Many of the nursing outfits marketed didn’t suit me as I needed to be hands-on massaging out clogs while pumping or latching. Thankfully, Lovemère nursing bras are comfortable and convenient enough for my needs. I also like the pretty colors.

One day about a month or two after returning to work, baby S just stopped latching completely. She laughed at my boobs when I offered them to her. And from that point, breastfeeding felt even lonelier as I exclusively pumped. Having a regular pump schedule and yield became impossible with the nature of my work at an educational institution. And I finally put away my flanges when baby S was 13 months old. I was somewhat proud to have mostly breastfed my baby from her weight in the 10th percentile to the 60th. She’s a happy, healthy, active, and somewhat chubby toddler on the brink of turning two now.

This time around with baby girl number two, the same issue with the tiny baby mouth and large nipples, but I’m eight weeks into my 2nd breastfeeding journey. It is a privilege to provide nutrition for our children directly from our bodies. I’ve let go of a lot of the mental and emotional burden from the 1st time, and I’m happy to say that baby E is fed solely on EBM when she doesn’t want to latch.

Even as I state that I am mindful that statements like these that pressure other mothers into feeling like breastfeeding is the ideal. Mothering and navigating who we are as mothers, homemakers, career women is challenging enough. Either way, breastfeeding is definitely one of the bigger connecting factors between us mothers, and a support system is so important. Thank you, Lovemère for supporting our precious journeys with our babies. And to all breastfeeding mums and mums in general, you are awesome.


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Mummy Lynn nursing her little one, with Ellie Cruz Nursing Camisole.


I am a mum of three under three. If anything, I wished someone spoke to me about breastfeeding when I was pregnant with my first. I read up as much as I can, but nothing prepared me for what lies ahead. Still, I wanted to attempt because I wanted to give the best to my baby. I wanted to be able to nourish my baby with antibodies that will keep him strong. I joined breastfeeding talks, ate lactation bakes, and tried difficult pumps. I did everything suggested to have enough for the baby, but that tired me out.

Sometimes I get stressed out due to a dip in supply or because my sleep gets disrupted and the baby refuses to be soothed. There are also times I questioned if I’m doing it right. I acknowledge that there are benefits to breastfeeding. It produces the best antibodies for the baby. At the same time, I’m aware that every mum is different - low supply, excess supply, exclusively pumping. Similarly, every baby is different. Some latch well while some take to the bottle.

As mothers, we all strive to give the best we can. We all try. We do. This third round feels like a smoother walk in Jurassic Park. Thankful for the unwavering support from my husband and family. Thankful that my breasts can provide and nourish the babies. Thankful for babies who latch decently and for their wide smile when I peep at their faces while I latch. It keeps me going, and it makes me want to keep going. Breastfeeding is truly a journey, and it is unique to each child. Regardless of how long or short, the breastfeeding journey has been, it’s worth celebrating. Happy #WBW2021!


The initial days of breastfeeding Thaddeus were freaking hard, and it's like an uphill task even with the help of my super helpful confinement aunty and the lactation consultants/massage ladies. It was very lonely, and being a first-time mum, and you don't know if your baby has had enough or why he is crying after a feed or why he is not sleeping after latching, etc. I was told, "things DO get better!" and it did... after like three months? Now at two years ten months, our breastfeeding journey is still going strong! Recently I asked him, "can stop mama milk already?" and Thaddeus said, "no, I am still a small baby."

I guess I will continue this for as long as there's milk and the demand for it.


My breastfeeding journey hasn't been a smooth one. My baby refused to latch on despite engaging a lactation consultant. Both baby and mummy were struggling, were frustrated, were upset. I felt so depressed, but no one knows (ok, my husband do). Finally, I moved on. I know, be it latch, pump, or feeding formula milk, fed is best. I have been putting lots of effort into pumping. Despite returning to work now, I'm still waking up round the clock - every 3hours. I have never drank so much plain water in my life! I felt so bloated, but I will do anything for my little baby. I'm not sure how long my breastfeeding will last as I encounter block duct almost every 3weeks. Sigh, but nope, I'm not going to give up! What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

I have a tip for mummy, who is also struggling. Remember not to stress if you can't latch, not be upset if you can't yield much milk, and not blame yourself if you have to feed formula milk. All these don't make you less of a mother. Happy mummy, happy baby.

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Mummy Yuyeth nursing her little one, with Love, Juliette Nursing Bralette.


Breastfeeding has been a rollercoaster journey for me and I salute all breastfeeding mums.

Despite my baby being a brilliant latcher at birth, I struggled through the first few weeks with painful engorgement, soreness and bleeding, extreme exhaustion and thirst, and just a lot of blues. I hated breastfeeding at that moment. It felt like the most tiring and painful thing ever, pure torture which I had to keep repeating every 2 hours, and it just took up all my time. I thought of giving up daily.

But with time things got better (and this is my motto through motherhood - it will get better), the pain subsided. I managed to get help with my engorgement and my supply was regulated. I was able to switch from pumping more frequently to exclusively breastfeeding and wow suddenly it is the most gratifying experience. Talk about a full transformation!


Breastfeeding my firstborn in 2018 was a trying period with unrealistic expectations set by social media. Loads of money spent on lactation boosters did not help.

This time in 2021 for my second born, I have decided to take it easy on myself and spend the money on pretty nursing bras instead. It worked! 

Do what works for you.


Perhaps it's the oxytocin at play, but I just love breastfeeding and cherish this alone time with my baby. I love watching her latch on. When her hands gently stroke me or when sometimes we lock eyes, I am overwhelmed with LOVE for my baby.

It fills me with so much joy that I am able to provide for my baby. I have been nursing her for the past 3+ months, and she is growing well! I also secretly love how she is dependant on me, so she will never leave my side. Also, staycations are a breeze because I'm her exclusive food source. As I'm preparing to go back to work, I do wonder how long I'll be able to keep this up, but in the meantime, I am thankful for being able to experience the joys of breastfeeding.

A little encouragement to any mum still figuring it out - You got this, it will all get better.

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