August 17, 2017 2 min read

Guide to Buying Nursing Bras

Finding the right nursing bra during pregnancy and post-pregnancy is an integral yet tedious job. During pregnancy, the breasts get swollen to the extent that it can lead to discomfort. Thus, wearing a supportive maternity bra can lend a helping hand in getting your comfort back. These maternity bras do not have underwire cups which makes them different from normal bras.

Normally, the bra size grows a cup size or two during pregnancy. Moreover, it takes time for the bra size to come back to its normal size post-pregnancy.

Here are different types of bras one can wear during pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.


Sleeping Maternity Bras

Normally women do not wear bras while sleeping. However, women find it comfortable to sleep in a bra during pregnancy. Thus, a sleep bra is the ideal choice having features that can grant you the much-needed support. Moreover, these sleep bras are the best solutions for sagging problems both during pregnancy as well as the post-pregnancy period.


Sports Nursing Bra

Adjustable sports bras are best when it comes to workouts during pregnancy. These sports bras work well during pregnancy and provide maximum support during workouts.


Bra Extenders

Bra extenders are a piece of band possessing eyes that can be hooked onto your current bra brand to lengthen it. When during pregnancy, the bra size grows, these bar extenders can make your bra band grow in length so that you can tighten your bra hooks easily. These are just like stretchy jeans which can allow you to add whatever number of hooks you want.


Bra Padding

Bra padding is a process of using pads to assist a new mother in keeping dry and comfortable. These pads are useful if a mother experiences leaking during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, one needs to be careful while choosing the bra pads. Wrong bra pads can result in sore nipples, particularly if the breasts remain too moist.


Number of bras needed

Usually, mothers or pregnant women go easy on buying maternity or nursing bras. The belief is that since the period is short, there is no need to buy many bras. However, it is always advisable to keep a good stock of maternity and nursing bras, so that one gets complete support to prevent problems such as sagging, sore nipples, etc.

So, go shopping and buy the right size and type of maternity and nursing bras to make this period all the more congenial. 😉

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