Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra Padding Removable Inserts

  • These bra paddings are only compatible with Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra, Gigi Stripes Nursing Bra, Emma Paris Sleep Bra, and Chloe Dream Bra.

    For Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra, choose the sizes you are wearing and match the size of the bra paddings.

    For other nursing bras, choose padding size "M-L" if you are wearing S or M. Choose padding size "XL-XXL" if you are wearing L or XL.

    Wash and dry care: Hand wash or machine wash with a laundry net in cool water. Air dry away from direct sunlight. It is optional to remove the paddings during washing and drying. If the paddings are dented after some usage, you can steam iron the paddings to pop up like brand new pieces.

    • Lining 100% Polyester Foam 100% Polyurethane
    • Provides modesty and shaping
    • Added lightweight concealment for bras, shapewear & bathing suits
    • Hand washable
    • Includes set of two Bra Paddings, 4pcs
    • White

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