April 07, 2022 3 min read

If you are expecting twins, or are a new mum of twin babies, congratulations! Having twins can be double the joy. However, caring for two babies at once can also be overwhelming for new mums. With the right approach, you can care for your babies while not getting overwhelmed.

Here are some great tips to manage twin babies right from the start. These tips will help you stay calm and also keep the babies healthy and happy.

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1. Do the same things for both twins at the same time.

Babies thrive on schedules. But when you have two, it might feel like you are caring for them round the clock without breaks. When one sleeps, the other wakes up. Or when one needs a diaper change, the other cries with hunger.

Getting babies on the same schedule can seem difficult at first, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. When one baby needs a feed, feed the other baby, too. When one baby wakes up from the nap, wake up the other one. Similarly, synchronize their bath times, tummy times, massages, etc. 

When the two babies have similar schedules, you will soon see that you can steal some me-time for yourself when both the babies sleep peacefully.

2. Breastfeed the babies at the same time.

For new mums, this can seem like a challenge. As a new mother, you are probably still learning how to hold the baby correctly and latch them. But with a little patience and help, you can learn to latch both babies at each breast so they can nurse at the same time.

Using a nursing pillow that is designed for twin babies can be very helpful to get you started. Also, take help from experts - your doctor or a lactation consultant - to get rid of starter problems such as correct latching.

Caring tips for Twin Babies

Nursing twins at the same time takes some practice. So don’t worry mummy, if you don’t get it right from the beginning. With practice and patience, you will get there. Instead of wearing a nursing bra, you can also opt for a nursing camisole with an in-built bra which gives the babies quicker nursing access. That means lesser waiting time for hungry babies!

3. Ask for help.

Caring tips for Twin Babies

This is really an important reminder since many mummies assume they have to do it all themselves. Mummy, you are strong, but you too need help. Take help from your partner, family members, or friends. You can also opt for hired help if needed.

You can get help caring for the babies. For instance, if the babies don’t sleep through the night, let your spouse take care of them while you catch some much-needed sleep. You can also get help in other chores such as cooking meals, washing dishes, getting groceries, etc. so that you are not overwhelmed with baby duties and other errands.

4. Spend quality time with your babies.

Caring tips for Twin Babies

Caring for two babies at once can make you feel like you are working overtime. But do remember to spend quality time with the babies. It does not have to be something extraordinary. Just being mindful about bonding with your babies during the day should also be enough.

Speak to them during feeding times, bath times. When you can, take them out for small walks in twin strollers. Make plenty of eye contact, sing lullabies, and cherish this time when they are still little. If you have someone to help you, you can also sometimes spend one-on-one time with each baby.

Caring for twins might be two times the work. But it’s also two times the smiles and hugs. It can sometimes feel daunting but hang in there. You are strong, mummy, and you are enough.


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