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It’s great to feel your belly get bigger as the baby grows. But, the problem is, the belly does not magically go back to its original size once the baby is born. Enter Postpartum Binders – they help to speed up the process of shrinking the belly and they make you look great! Here’s all you need to know about postpartum binders.

What exactly is a postpartum binder?

A postpartum binder is a broad wrap-like belt that is worn around the waist and the stomach. It compresses the skin on the stomach area to give you a flatter and fitter look. It also helps to shrink the stomach and the uterus back to their pre-pregnancy size. Some binders are also designed to shrink the hips. Along with compressing the midriff, the binders provide support to the back muscles, too. Since many women suffer from post-delivery backache, the binders are a great option to get some much-needed relief.

Can you wear a binder after a C -section?

Wearing some kind of binder wrap after vaginal delivery is fairly common. However, women who give birth via a C-section can also benefit from wearing a binder. Since a binder covers the incision, it offers some unique benefits for C-section moms.

  • It tightly holds the area around the incision thereby helping to prevent the stitches from opening. Activities such as laughing, sneezing, etc. can sometimes cause a strain on the incision and cause it to open. The compression of a binder can prevent this.
  • When the loose skin of the stomach sags, it can rub against the incision and cause harm to your fresh stitches. With a binder, the skin is tightened and held in place so that skin movement on the incision is prevented.
  • When the binder is tight against the incision, it prevents scar tissue formation, thus making sure your incision heals cleanly.
  • Also, back pain is quite common after a C-section. A binder can provide adequate support and help the new mother sit up and breastfeed comfortably.

Benefits of wearing a binder

Below are some of the benefits of wearing a binder.

  1. Speeds up Recovery

Wearing a binder can help speed up the healing process after delivery. It helps the uterus to get back to its original size. And it protects the stitches if you have had a C-section and helps in quicker healing.

  1. Adequate Back Support

Taking care of your back muscles after giving birth becomes very important. If you already have back problems, they can worsen after delivery. Scoliosis, radiculitis, and spinal curvature are conditions that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to new mothers. A postpartum binder can give support to your back and helps reduce the effects of these conditions.

  1. Helps You Look Great

It is natural for the belly to look flabby and loose after birth. This means you can’t go back to wearing your favorite pair of jeans or that dress that you stopped wearing when your bump started showing. But with a binder that holds together your loose muscles and skin, your belly can look flatter and smoother and you can wear all your favorite pre-pregnancy clothes with style!

  1. Improves Posture

After delivery, the abdomen muscles take time to contract. Also, backache is common. A binder will hold together the abdomen muscles tightly and will provide support to the back, thereby improving posture while sitting, standing, and walking.

  1. Provides Better Comfort

The loose muscles and flab result in unwanted muscle movement in the abdominal region. This can make you feel uncomfortable. A binder that reduces the skin movement helps make moving around much more comfortable for you.   

  1. Reduces Stretch Marks

By reducing the movement of the skin on the abdomen, the binder helps to bring back the skin elasticity. This helps in avoiding or at least reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

When should you start wearing a binder and how long can you wear it?

Generally, it is safe to start wearing a postpartum binder immediately after delivering the baby. However, it is best to wait for a green signal from your doctor, especially if you have had a C-section delivery.

You can wear the binder for as much time as you feel comfortable during the day as well as at night when you are sleeping. In Asia, some mummies wear the binder after a Jamu Postnatal Massage.

A postpartum binder is ideally worn for up to 6 months after giving birth. It is advisable to wear it more often during the initial weeks and then wear it as and when required.

Additional information about using a postpartum binder

Even though the binder aids in reducing the tummy, it cannot work in isolation. You need to combine using a binder with moderate exercise and diet control for best results. Remember that pregnancy can take a toll on your belly skin and muscles. Do not expect instant results. Have patience and you will definitely see a change in your belly.

A binder is very tight against the skin. Hence, to reduce the chances of a fungal infection in the abdominal area, care needs to be taken to keep your skin clean and dry. Also, allow your skin to breathe from time to time by removing the binder for some time.

Do remember to talk to your doctor about using a postpartum binder. If you experience any discomfort or if the skin feels irritated, discontinue usage.

Ladies, you are all beautiful in your own, unique way. And when you give birth to a baby, remember that your body has created something very beautiful. A postpartum binder can definitely help you look and feel better. But love your postpartum body all the same!

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