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Nursing is often the biggest worry of first-time mothers. It is not always that the supply of milk is ample. In a lot of cases, it may not be enough to cater to the needs of your newly born baby. Also, if it’s your first ever motherhood experience, you may not even be acquainted with the best of breastfeeding techniques.  Hence, the worry

If you are also one among those women who have recently become a mother here is something you may be interested in. Here are some effective tips that will help you increase breast milk.


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Feed Begets Feed

A fact to remember – the more you provide breastfeeding to your little one, the more your body will create milk. The ideal time suggested by the gynecologists is at least 8 times a day and for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Though this schedule is hard to maintain, yet doing it regularly will surely make this as a habit and increase breastfeed.

In case, your little one is not willing to take the feed, you must use a breast pump to extract the milk. This will not disturb the prefixed schedule and altogether provide your baby healthy milk. Apart from that, it will also help you improve milk production.

Use a Pump after Nursing

At times, it can be the case that the newborn’s tummy is full while you still have some milk left in the breast. In such a case, using a pump is an ideal way to finish the feed. This will keep your milk producing metabolism regulated and help produce more milk.  It is quite helpful especially when you want to go for a nap or for an outing.

Check that Your Baby Latches to Breast Properly

 baby nursing breastfeeding

If it’s your first baby, take it that both of you are equally new to breastfeeding. Therefore, you need to see whether or not your child’s mouth is properly latched on to your breast. The little one needs to use its tongue to scoop the breast inside the mouth. If it is not able to do so, you need to tickle your nipple on to its mouth to make it wide open and insert your breast into the mouth up to your areola. 

Trust Your Newborn, Not the Clock!

baby breastfeeding

Often, mothers feed their newborns according to the clock. That, my lady, is not what you should be going by! Breastfeeding needs to be done whenever the baby wants to be fed and not by looking at the clock. Being a mother you need to check the signals of your little one’s appetite.


Remember to Switch Sides

Make sure infant takes the feed from both the breasts. It will help keep the flow of milk regular in both sides and also make your breast feel light. If your infant is losing interest or starting to fall asleep, switching sides is an effective way to ensure that the child takes proper feed while at the same time empties both the breasts.


Talk to a Lactation Consultant

lactation consultant

Despite even the best of your efforts if your newborn is not being able to take the feed, you need to consult a lactation consultant. They are the specialized healthcare professionals who help mothers establish a nursing relationship with their kids.


Wear the Right Nursing Bra

A bra that’s too tight compresses the breasts can cause a problem in optimal milk flow. Therefore, going with a comfortable nursing bra is the best way to keep the milk flow up and coming.

It is important that you establish a symbiotic breastfeed schedule with your baby. You can follow these pro tips here, or you can consult the experts. Do not hesitate to ask your OBGYN as they are the best resources to guide you in this matter. 

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