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When the baby finally comes home and the mum’s maternity leave begins, things can get pretty overwhelming. Not going to work can feel different and taking care of a tiny baby can be tiring. At the same time, this is also the period of initial bonding between the mummy and the baby. In all the highs and lows of new motherhood, the 3-4 months of maternity leave are over even before mummies realize it. But don’t worry. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of your maternity leave!

1. Take a break from work

It’s a maternity leave, so it automatically means you are not going to work. But make sure you don’t stress about what’s going on at your workplace. This means, not caring whether you will get that promotion or worrying about new deals. And certainly no office calls except for the congratulatory calls from colleagues. This is also a time to cut off from social media. Uploading your baby’s pictures and videos online can wait. These few weeks are especially so that you can spend some time bonding with the baby and understanding here better. Use the time wisely.


2. Take lots of rest

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Don’t forget that your body has just brought a tiny human into this world. You need rest and lots of it! With the baby’s unpredictable sleep schedule, the mummy’s sleep takes a hit. Save your sanity by getting as much rest as you can. The chores in the house can wait. When the baby sleeps, you sleep.


3. Make new mummy friends
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It’s good to have friends around you and it’s better when these friends are fellow mummies. You need someone to share your joys and confide your fears in. And mummies like you who are likely going through the same emotions are perfect for this. You’d be surprised by how much you can talk about your respective babies! Also, as your babies grow, you would already have a list of mummies with whom you can plan playdates for your babies.


4. Spend some time for yourself

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When the baby arrives, she automatically enjoys the number one position on your list of priorities. But, do take some time out especially for yourself. Read a book, or watch a movie, or just listen to your favorite music. If your busy work-life did not allow you to pursue your hobby, take some time out for doing it now.


5. Find some time for exercise

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A little exercise can help you shed the weight you gained during pregnancy. Of course, before starting any kind of work-out, make sure you have the permission of your doctor. If you have had a C-section delivery and are advised not to do heavy exercise, you can start by taking short walks at a comfortable pace. Take the baby with you and make the most of this time. You can move on to more serious workout when your doctor feels you are fit. Also, make sure to have a balanced diet during this time.

When it’s time to resume work, life would become completely different. And finding the work-life balance becomes increasingly elusive. Hence, the period of maternity leave is the best time to bond with your baby and also give some time to yourself.

So, enjoy your maternity leave while it lasts, mummies. And do use our tips to get the most out of this time. If you want to check out some classy nursing wear while you relax during your leave and if you are currently breastfeeding, you can check our comfortable, yet stylish nursing wear collection at

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