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Imagine holding a baby in a crammed space inside a room full of strangers. That’s ‘flying with a baby’ for you! Flying with a baby can be tricky. But it is no longer uncommon to see mothers traveling with infants or toddlers. And with our tips for you, you can hope that the experience is as smooth as it possibly can be!

1. Use a baby carrier

baby carrier
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This is especially true for mummies who are traveling alone with their babies. You need your hands to hold boarding passes, identity documents, a day bag, etc. Thus, it helps immensely if you could wear your baby using a comfortable baby carrier. This way, the baby is close to you to get comfort in the new surroundings. And you still have your hands free, most of the time.

2. Keep a set of extra clothes handy

Babies spit up. Sometimes on you. And when they do it, it’s not pretty. And diaper leakages are not unheard of either. Keep an extra se of clothes for the baby as well as yourself handy. Also, keep 2-3 baby blankets and wipes. And of course, extra diapers for the baby and a set of wipes!

3. Choose your day bag carefully

baby bag
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You need something which has organized compartments to keep things. And you definitely don’t need a bag that is more like a sack with everything thrown in. Different pockets for different things means you don’t lose things and find them easily when you quickly need them. You can also use a good diaper bag that doubles up as a day bag.


4. Feed the baby during take-off and landing

The main reason that mummies dread flying with a baby is that they cry inconsolably in flights. This is because the change in cabin pressure can cause an ear ache for the little ones. However, if they were to eat or drink something, the swallowing action helps keep the ears open and reduce the chances of an ear ache. You can use a bottle of milk or breastfeed if the baby is too little. For babies who have weaned, you can carry age-appropriate soft foods with you that the baby can eat.


5. Keep your nursing gear ready

nursing cover
Image source: Happy Maternity

If you are a breastfeeding mum, make sure you have appropriate nursing gear with you. This includes wearing a nursing bra and maternity clothes that make nursing in the public easy and convenient. If you feel uncomfortable or if your baby is the one who gets easily distracted while feeding, you can use a nursing cover.


6. Pack something to keep the baby busy.

Pack something that can help keep the baby busy and entertained throughout the flight duration. For example, keep their favorite comfort toys with you. If your baby is old enough, having a board book to let her look at pictures is a great way of keeping the tears at bay.


7. Be considerate to strangers

Acknowledge that your baby crying will be an unwanted addition to your fellow passengers’ traveling experience. Yes, we know. If the baby cries, she cries. There is sometimes nothing you can do but pray when it happens. Apologize for the inconvenience. If it ever comes to that, don’t let your baby throw things in people’s faces for amusement. However, also keep in mind that sometimes there is nothing you can do. So, don’t stress yourself too much if the baby gives you a hard time in the flight.


Traveling with a baby can seem daunting. But it’s quite fun once the baby gets used to it. It is a great learning experience for the babies to be around so many new faces and visiting new places. All you need is a little careful planning and a whole lot of patience. Happy journey!

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