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With a wealth of information going around, be it on the internet or your loved ones, it tends to get overwhelming on our part to distinguish the real ones from the propaganda. What makes it worse is knowing where to start and what to do, two thoughts that can seed doubt on any first-time mother with taking care of their baby. Let us help you with our ten suggested tips to not only help you get started but also, to help you ease your burden and focus more on bonding with your baby.

Do take note that not all may be true for your situation, so pick what works for you.


Tips to Help You With Being a First-Time Mom

1.) Avoid obsessing with germs too much 

    Remember that not all germs are bad. Some aid in digestion and even some are made to keep you healthy (antibiotics is an example). Some exposure to germs can make your child resistant to allergies, asthma, and other autoimmune diseases.


    2.) Ask help when needed

    Being overwhelmed causes stress and may affect the health of your unborn baby. Even if the baby’s already born, there’s an unspoken connection between mother and baby that sometimes, baby’s would sense their own mother’s stress and may even trouble the baby.


    3.) There are multiple reasons on why babies cry, so be ready to assess your baby's needs

    Whatever you do, your baby will cry no matter what and you should know how to handle that. To guide you in finding solutions, here are the common reasons why babies cry:

    • Hunger
    • Affection-starved
    • Feeling hot/cold
    • Diaper change
    • Feeling sick

    There are times wherein they would cry in unusual circumstances. For that, here are the unusual reasons on why babies cry:

    • You or someone near the baby smells bad
    • Uncomfortable clothing on the baby
    • Bored
    • The environment is overwhelming the baby’s senses

      4.) Keep a journal of your baby's 9 months process and 1st year journey

      Writing in a journal is an excellent way to preserve memories between you and your baby.As your baby grows old, he/she will learn about their formative years and would appreciate and bond with you more upon learning about your journal. In some cases, it may be used to alleviate postpartum depression (also known as ‘Journal Therapy’). Having a journal also helps you declutter your thoughts and focus on remembering your priorities better.


      5.) Always tell your baby that you love them


      6.) Avoid over-thinking symptoms of both you and your baby

      Should any issue persist between you and your baby, consult your maternity doctor. If you would want to know any “early warning signs” of distress/sickness on you or your baby, it’ll be better when you can ask your doctor after a week or so upon delivery of the baby.

      7.) When you're pregnant, try to tell your loved ones and friends as soon as possible to get better help and support as soon as possible 


      8.) Consider a midwife

      Here are the reasons on why you should consider a midwife

      • To make your childbirth as natural as possible
      • Midwives provide professional emotional, practical, and social support

        9.) Take a nap if you have to

        Cause we all deserve one every now and then.


        10.) Find a productive hobby to keep you from burning out

        There’s nothing worse than being burnt out from the responsibility of motherhood. Should you need a hobby, you may consult your local town for any events that may interest you.


        Motherhood is a scary journey to both you and your child, however, it’s also one of the greatest experiences any woman would undergo, as well as the lessons you learn will help you take better care of your future children. Do remember to share and learn from other mothers as well and most of all, have fun on this journey. Take care and welcome to motherhood!

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