The Mère Inspo - Yuyeth

Mother of two, Photographer, Business owner

Bows and Ribbons Photography has some extremely endearing pictures. There are aesthetically shot pregnant bumps and pictures of babies that melt your heart. But more than that, there’s a story that each picture tells. There is a whole new world in each of their pictures. And it takes more than just photography skills to bring out these stories.

Yuyeth is the co-founder of Bows and Ribbons Photography, a Singapore based maternity and newborn photography company. She runs the business along with her husband, Tim. Their Instagram feed is full of heart-warming pictures that beautifully portray pregnancy, newborns, and baby milestones.

When I saw Yuyeth at work, I was awed by her passion and her attention to detail. And I was touched by the efforts she took to make the mummies and the babies comfortable during the shoot. 

Today, Bows and Ribbons Photography are the creative minds behind the lifestyle shoot for Lovemère on the lace creations: Avery Dove Nursing Bralette and Love, Juliette Nursing Bralette. And we both love the collaboration.

Yuyeth is not just a talented photographer and a passionate business owner. She is also a mum of two beautiful children. How does she manage both? Read about her journey as a photographer and a mother.