The Mère Inspo - Eunice and Lynn

God-sisters on pregnancy, motherhood, and their friendship

In this special month of May, we are celebrating motherhood. We as mothers can celebrate the special bond we have with each other, too. Today, we are featuring a special friendship. It’s an inspiring bond between two mothers, strengthened by their resilience and love. It’s about finding sisterhood through motherhood.

When we stepped into Lynn’s house, two adorable babies caught our attention. Eunice has a 5-month old baby girl and Lynn has a 2-month baby girl. Eunice and Lynn have known each other for a long time. They are god-sisters and great friends. When they both became mummies of little babies, their bond became even stronger. They support and hold each other up and offer encouragement when things start looking down. But above all, they are always there for each other, even for midnight chats while nursing their respective babies. 

Both of them have had their own challenges during pregnancy and while managing motherhood. But they have beautifully overcome the challenges and are happy, proud mummies to their beautiful children.

How did they do it?