From Center Stage to Motherhood: Tay Kexin's Unveiling Transformation

Introducing Tay Kexin, the co-founder of Sparkle Live Music and a versatile singer-songwriter who has graced both the solo stage and the harmonious realm of MICappella. Throughout her career, Kexin has continuously pushed the boundaries of her craft, composing original works and delivering electrifying live performances.

Her musical journey commenced in 2013 with the release of her debut EP, a collection of songs radiating positivity and celebrating fresh beginnings. Yet, life is unfolding an exciting new chapter for Kexin as she embarks on a profound transformation.

Once an ardent advocate of fitness and health, she now finds herself at week 27 of her pregnancy, standing at the doorstep of her third trimester. The question that naturally arises is, how will Kexin embrace this new phase of her life and step into the world of motherhood?

In this exclusive conversation with Lovemère, we dive into Kexin's personal journey, aspirations, and the thrilling changes that motherhood promises to bring.

behind the scenes

Photography by The Perfect Statement
Make up & Hair by Ann Lin from Athens Studio
Syled by Lovemère