Breaking Myths About Pregnancy After 40: The Journey of Stella Ng

Step into the vibrant world of Stella Ng, a former singer, who has returned to Singapore after a nineteen-year journey abroad.

Nestled in her beautifully decorated home filled with lush plants and the warmth of her beloved dog and cat, Stella embodies resilience and optimism.

Now at 37 weeks pregnant, she shares her inspiring journey of embracing life and motherhood after 40. She formed a children's musical group, Bossa Baby, and has brought a fresh twist to children's songs with their debut album, Bossa Zoo (Spotify or Apple Music). Beyond her musical endeavors, Stella excels as the Head of Partnerships and Activations at Vantage Pointe.

Join us as she candidly discusses the joys and challenges of being pregnant. Stella’s story offers encouragement to moms considering starting a family later in life or facing doubts about conceiving after 40.

She has since delivered her second baby, Elliott, on Mother's Day. We wish her all the best.