The Mère Inspo - Priscilla Tan and Kristen Kiong of Awesome Women Series

Two Mummies Who Worked Together, Talk About Work, Motherhood, and Their Hope for A Better Future.

We arrive at Kristen's home and are greeted by her adorable toddler, Beth. Kristen is quick to make us feel at home with her warmth. She is expecting her second baby. Priscilla arrived next with her two girls, Andrea and Aurelia.

Yes, a double interview today, and double the fun!

Priscilla Tan is a Singaporean author. Her book series Awesome Women Series, about women leaders, aims to inspire and empower young girls and boys. Her book series received a lot of love across the globe in major bookstores. They are launching their second series in September this year and we are very excited for them.

Kristen Kiong is a Singaporean artist and a speech therapist. She also happens to be the illustrator of Priscilla’s wonderful book series. Her brilliant illustrations make the books very interesting for young readers. 

Today’s interview is about how the two mummies met and worked together and their individual motherhood journeys.