The Mère Inspo - Priscilla Tan

Of music, motherhood, and second pregnancies - a conversation with Priscilla Tan

Meet Priscilla Tan, a talented singer-songwriter, actor, content-creator, and proud mum to a 5-year-old. Recently, she gave birth to her second child, after visiting The Mère Home at 33 weeks pregnant.

During her visit, we had the pleasure of chatting with her about her latest song "Wanderlust", her pregnancy, self-care routine, and more.

Despite having her hands full with multiple responsibilities, Priscilla's inspiring outlook on motherhood and juggling different roles left us in awe. In our interview, she shares her unique perspective on pregnancy, parenting, and finding balance in life.

Get ready to be inspired by this incredible woman and her journey through motherhood. Here's a sneak peek into our conversation with Priscilla Tan.