The Mère Inspo - Holly Kuzmiak-Ngiam

Holly Ngiam talks about creating a world where parenting is accepted and embraced as woven into our daily lives

It’s a beautiful afternoon as we visit another inspiring mum at her home. We were welcomed with a plate of yummy muffins, her specialty which she often bakes for her family.

Our Mère Inspo for today, Holly Kuzmiak-Ngiam, is a founder of Movement Labs - a unique fitness studio that offers personalised fitness training while being respectful of individual preferences and lifestyles.

Holly has recently given birth to Alexander (2 months) and also has two adorable older kids, Eleanor (6 years) and Zachary (3 years). She has already started going back to work, little Alexander accompanying her, while Eleanor and Zachary, too sometimes come to the studio with Mom.

How is Holly managing a newborn, her work priorities, and two other growing children at home?