The Mère Inspo - Denise Keller

Former MTV Host talks about wellness, pregnancy, and keeping calm on the journey.

It is a beautiful afternoon. We are greeted by Denise’s warm smile as we step into her house. She has two adorable and friendly fur kids, and we instantly fall in love with them. The vibe of her house inspires a calm - a reminder to slow down and take things one at a time. And now to the woman herself - Denise Keller, for our latest Mère Inspo. 

Denise is a pet parent, a Yoga instructer, a producer, director, a business owner, and now an expecting mother, too. A very busy working woman, Denise thinks it’s now time for a break to focus on motherhood. In today’s Mère Inspo, she talks about how her pregnancy has been so far during Covid and how she manages to stay calm during pregnancy.

While she shares beautiful snippets of her busy yet calm life via her Instagram @denisekellerofficial, today we get an inside glimpse of how she really does it all.