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Former MTV Host and pregnant at 28-weeks



It is a beautiful afternoon.

We are greeted by Denise’s warm smile as we step into her house. She has two adorable and friendly fur kids, and we instantly fall in love with them. The vibe of her house inspires a calm - a reminder to slow down and take things one at a time.

And now to the woman herself - Denise Keller, for our latest Mère Inspo. 

Denise is a pet parent, a Yoga instructer, a producer, director, a business owner, and now an expecting mother, too. A very busy working woman, Denise thinks it’s now time for a break to focus on motherhood. In today’s Mère Inspo, she talks about how her pregnancy has been so far during Covid and how she manages to stay calm during pregnancy.

While she shares beautiful snippets of her busy yet calm life via her Insta @denisekellerofficial, today we get an inside glimpse of how she really does it all.

Advocate for yourself, cut out the noise, trust your mother’s intuition and do you.

Denise is wearing Brooklyn Triangle Bra at 28-weeks.

1. Thank you so much for having us. So, tell me, how did you discover you are pregnant?

I was getting ready for work and wasn’t feeling very comfortable wearing my usual clothes and brushed it off as PMS. Something told me during the day that it wasn’t my moon cycle. I did a pregnancy test when I finished work and found it positive.

I told my husband that evening, we were very happy about this but also deep in thought. It meant our lives would change forever, for the better of course…

2. Did you experience any difficulty being pregnant during Covid?

Yes and no. I certainly feel more isolated from my usual social interactions but I also don’t really mind this time to be quiet and introspective. Pregnancy to me is a wonderful female transformative journey and I’m being fluid with this experience.

Of course, I’m a little sad that I can’t be close with my family in the US, but we talk almost every day on FaceTime.

Denise is wearing Chloe Dream Organic Love Bra at 28-weeks.

3. What have you been craving for?

Honestly, nothing. I think after surviving my first trimester, I had to carb up like mad. I was obsessed with fish ball noodles. Other mad desires were mangos, dark chocolate ice cream and the occasional fast food order (I NEVER ATE FAST FOOD).

But once I had that out of my system, I went back to my normal balanced diet and things levelled out. I am obsessed with healthy eating and have been very mindful of unnecessary sugars.

4. Most surprising thing about pregnancy?

Nothing surprising but more of an observation.

I’m a very athletic person, work out almost everyday. Love cardio, love yoga, love weight training. But that had to change with pregnancy and I found so many new amazing ways to stay fit and active in my pregnancy.

I kept up with my daily yoga practice but with modifications, added Pilates to it and love everything aquatic for cardio. I feel extremely strong and empowered moving for two and I certainly know my little bub loves it too.

In one of our scans, the sonographer fell off her chair scanning our bub doing some very yogic poses in my belly. I chuckled.

Denise is wearing Dorset Active Nursing Bra at 28-weeks.

5. Any self-care rituals that have gotten you through this pregnancy?

Epsom Salt baths while zoning out to my hypnobabies tracks. This is my weekend ritual. I just shut the world out completely. My muscles relax better with magnesium salts and it really enhances my breathing exercises.

6. What’s your birth plan?

My birth plan is fluid. To be honest, it has been changing ever since I started researching more into birthing. I truly believe childbirth is a magical transformation for a woman, and I want to be conscious on every level while experiencing this.

Ideally I would love to birth unmedicated to the best of my ability, but if I get to a point where I feel I’m suffering, I’m open to assistance. Yoga, Pilates, Breath, Water and Hypnobabies are all in my birthing plan.

Having my doula by side helps to execute and advocate what I want and need. And I’m so happy I found my birth tribe. It’s very very empowering.

Denise is wearing Brooklyn Triangle Bra at 28-weeks.

7. What’s coming up for you?

I have been working for over 20 years front and back of cameras. I think I deserve a break now to focus on motherhood. That alone is a full time job; I’m very blessed to be able to do this. I have done everything I’ve ever wanted work wise.

Now is the time to be present with my family. I’m so lucky.

8. What are your thoughts on achieving work life balance as a new mum?

I think women are incredible and can juggle pretty much anything that is thrown at them. I’ve always been a strong believer in working hard and playing hard equally but there is always a time for different phases in your life. I’m hitting 40 and I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

I remind myself that things always work out and when they don’t, it’s also okay.

9. Any advice to the fellow mummies?

I’m not a fan of unsolicited advice from anyone, especially during pregnancy. So I won’t call this part any advice.

But I will say this: advocate for yourself, cut out the noise, trust your mother’s intuition and do you. More self-compassion, more self-love and self-care, and everything will be ok.





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