The Mère Inspo - Anabel Chew

co-founder of webarre talks about juggling it all and keeping It real.

It’s raining heavily when we arrive at Anabel’s beautiful house. We are greeted by a spacious living space with board books and toys at one side of the room. As Anabel walks down the stairs to greet us, she is accompanied by her adorable 20-month old, Ari. 

Anabel is 30 weeks pregnant with a lovely pregnancy glow and we see her talking to Ari as she reads books and plays blocks with her, in an attempt to make her feel comfortable around us. The adorable mother-daughter duo’s smiles are contagious and warm our hearts. Just then, the rain slows down and there’s a hint of sunshine. We know it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Today’s Mère Inspo, Anabel Chew, is the co-founder of Asia’s leading Barre studio, WeBarre, and also manages a motherhood community platform, Tiger Mums Club, which is all about sharing digestible information on motherhood. It is admirable how she genuinely cares about the fellow mummies and is always up for providing help and support.