Sizing Chart Skye Pump Bra

 Go up one size if you are in first or second trimester.

Size Lower Bust Circumference (cm) # Upper Bust Circumference (cm)
S 63-66 82-88
M 67-70 87-93
L 71-74 92-98
XL 75-78 97-103

# Add another 10cm for maximum stretch.

Sizing comparison with other Lovemère bras:
Similar to Avery Dove Nursing Bralette, Dorset Active Nursing Bra, Brooklyn Bra.
Bigger cutting than Love Juliette Nursing Bralette, Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra. E.g. if you are wearing L for Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra, select M for Skye Pump Bra.