Bra Care

Guide to washing Nursing Bras

A nursing bra is not like a regular bra.

It has to be easily accessible for feeding your baby and must withstand their yanking and pulling, apart from supporting your likely much larger breasts, It must have the power to weather through spilled milk, nighttime use, engorgement and more. 

Mummies put their nursing bras through a lot.

In a perfect world, your bras should be hand washed but we are realists and understand that this is not always possible especially when you have a new baby.

Below are some guides if you’d like to keep your bra in tip top shape.



We recommend you to wash every two wears (depends on the milk spills, or sprays of split up milk, so you may need to wash them more frequently on some days.)

  1. Lingerie Bag will help to avoid tearing and ripping.

  2. Cold Water.

  3. Light color bras should only be washed with other light color objects. This will help to retain clean vibrant fabrics.

  4. Never place a bra into a dryer. A bra is made cup of many different fabrics, with most being sensitive to heat. A dryer will shrink components of the bra and affect the way the bra fits. Always hang your bras out to dry on a line. Avoid direct heat and direct sunlight, if possible.

  5. Store in a drawer dedicated to bras and underwear. Place the cups inside each other to avoid squashing and denting the cup. I myself find a shoe box is quite a good solution. Soft-cupped bras can be folded carefully in half.

Guide to washing Lace Intimates

To ensure the lace intimates last longer, hand-washing is recommended. Always use a non-alcoholic detergent that is mild enough for the bra as well as your hands. Fill a sink or a bucket with cold water and add some detergent. Let the bras soak in for 30-60 minutes depending on how dirty they are. Swish the bras in the soapy water occasionally to help remove the grime. Finally, gently wash them and rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear.

The trick to always have a clean nursing bra to wear is to have enough bras in your wardrobe. Stock up over here. These nursing bras are specially designed to give you optimum comfort and stay new even after multiple washes.