You matter.

We want you to know that you matter. No matter how tired you are, you are beautiful, seen, and you are enough. No matter what you are going through, we want to support you and share love and light in your motherhood journey.

Every idea starts with a problem. We came across a problem that’s quite common - maternity nursing bras and garments are dull, expensive, and have short mileage.

And we wanted to change this.

We believe bras and garments can be made easy and fun. They should leave you well-supported, uplifted, and feeling beautiful while you juggle motherhood and other work. You need this so that you can focus on yourself and your little ones.

Today, Lovemère is trusted by many mummy fans. By designing in-house and engaging with customers directly, we provide a high standard of craftsmanship, better-looking bras, and garments that last you a long time throughout your pregnancy journey, breastfeeding journey, and even beyond.

Lovemère is more than just a brand. It is your go-to space for advice, inspiration, information, and support.

We empower mums to share their experiences, where they could inspire anyone out there. This translates into all our storytelling, from campaigns to interviews featuring real-life mum stories from all walks of life – such as motherhood reads and the mère inspos. We are listening to and supporting you, always.

Motherhood can be a beautiful whirlwind of a journey. It is like a beautiful kaleidoscope with different emotions. As you start this journey, we encourage you to take it slow and remember, “You got this.”

Sending lots of love your way
Team Lovemère


Design studio and factories

Each piece is designed from our studio in Singapore. Our nursing bras and garments are crafted with the loving hands of our team in Indonesia and China. They assist us on the intricate pattern making and the custom fabric engineering in our products (such as nursing bras), through their ethical and environment-friendly production process.

Care for our planet

We aim to reduce our plastic consumption by more than 70%.

Firstly, we achieve by reducing the use of single-use plastic by combining multiple items into a single packaging (to protect the product), as compared to individual packaging, without compromising our standards in hygiene.

Secondly, with our incorporated designs of the double sealed feature in our bio-degradable bag, repackaging for exchanges and returns will be made easy.

Together, we can reduce plastic usage and minimize pollution – from our store to your home.