Lovemère is a motherhood necessities and lifestyle label that caters to mothers through the stages of pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond.

Celebrating the bravery and dedication of mothers, we are inspired by mothers' unconditional love for the family. Mère is "mother" in French. Gentle and courageous. We believe that the mother's love holds the heart of the family and the family starts to take shape as she embarks on her motherhood journey.

Embracing all these inspirations, we created LOVEMÈRE - where it all begins.

Formally known as Happy Maternity, Florence, our founder, and mother of three, started the company when she began her motherhood journey in 2014. To ensure she made only the best version of our products, she led a team of mothers, as well as herself, to personally test all the products during their mum routines.

Today, we draw, design, along with our softest fibers, making them with passion and love. Our goal is to make beautiful clothing for mothers, empowering them with body confidence and positivity.


Mothers deserve the best. That’s why we are committed to products made to last, not to be replaced. We seek out the most comfortable and breathable fibers, along with our modern and minimalist design that is safe for mothers and babies.

We felt that all mothers are beautiful, at any stage of the motherhood. And we want to embrace this by featuring mothers in our campaign shoots. Our goal is also to allow mothers to share their challenges and struggles with one another. Through our motherhood reads, we believe we can support one another.


Each piece is designed from our studio in Singapore. Our nursing bras and garments are crafted with the loving hands of our team in Indonesia and China. They assist us on the intricate pattern making and the custom fabric engineering in our products (such as nursing bras), through their ethical and environment-friendly production process.


We aim to reduce our plastic consumption by more than 70%.

Firstly, we achieve by reducing the use of single-use plastic by combining multiple items into a single packaging (to protect the product), as compared to individual packaging, without compromising our standards in hygiene.

Secondly, with our incorporated designs of the double sealed feature in our bio-degradable bag, repackaging for exchanges and returns will be made easy.

Together, we can reduce plastic usage and minimize pollution – from our store to your home.