November 29, 2023 3 min read

Today, we had the pleasure of connecting with a remarkable mum, Everdene, who is navigating the intricate path of Trying to Conceive (TTC).

What sets her journey apart is her exploration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), adding a unique and inspiring dimension to her pursuit of motherhood.

In an exclusive interview with Lovemère, Everdene generously opens up about her TTC journey. From the initial challenges to the triumphant moments, she candidly shares the highs and lows that shaped her path to motherhood, all while incorporating the holistic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Her experience with TCM offers insights and hope to those who may be navigating similar paths.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Hello, I’m Everdene, (42 yrs old) and a mother of 1 boy. It was a tough pre-pregnancy ride for me when I started my TTC journey at age 36.

Eventually, I gave up my career for the family at age 38, and ever since then, I've exercised, built my health, and sought professional advice and treatments in the hopes of having a child.

It didn't come easy; I went through IVF twice, and the first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. My body wasn't well-prepared for the first IVF, but the second time, I did a lot more preparation, and eventually, I conceived at the age of 40. James (my son) is now my new love.

TTC journey - Lovemere

1. What would be the greatest challenge in getting pregnant after 40?

The greatest challenge would be a battleship of emotions.
I left my career to start a family, determined to conceive, but after trying for 2 years, it felt like lost hope. I persevered and continued to do all I could to conceive, facing emotional stress from taking numerous supplements and medicines.

When I eventually became pregnant, I felt what I did was truly worthwhile. The challenges didn't end; I worried almost daily about holding on to my pregnancy and whether the embryo was healthy due to my considered high-age pregnancy.

2. How long did it take you to prepare for pregnancy (备孕)?

I prepared for 6-9 months before successfully getting pregnant.

3. Did you incorporate any TCM therapies and herbs in your pregnancy preparation (备孕)?

I did womb moxibustion, acupuncture, and consumed oral TCM supplements/medications for better well-being (调身体).

Herbs - alternative treatments

4. How have such alternative treatments been beneficial for you?

Moxibustion helped purge out the 寒气 in my womb, and I could feel warmth in my womb area after the treatment. My hands had always been cold, but since I 补 during my confinement period, my body grew stronger, and my hands were always warm.

After childbirth, I didn't fall sick for 1.5 years, despite being tired from breastfeeding and baby care. The TCM supplements/medications really helped me.

Alternative treatments

5. Any afterthoughts on the TTC and motherhood journey so far?

Without intentional CARE for myself, I wouldn't be able to carry this bundle of joy!

Below is a TCM Physician's Point of View:

Hi! I'm Physician Koh from Great Wall TCM.

From a TCM perspective, it's important to prepare your body (备孕) for the motherhood journey at least 3-6 months prior to conception.

For high-age pregnancy, the preparation period maybe even longer. This can be done through Chinese herbs*, supplements*, acupuncture, moxibustion, and therapies like womb and fertility massage.

Physician Koh’s profile photo

Besides the physical aspects, it's crucial to take care of the emotional aspect. Couples can support each other, and it's important to relax the mind, as it can be a stressful journey for some.

Post-birth care (坐月) is equally important, as the new mother needs to recuperate her body to better care for her baby, breastfeed, and set the foundation for her next pregnancy journey.

I have also collaborated with Lovemère to create video below on how to take care of yourself during the first trimester:

*TCM herbs and supplements should be taken under the advice of your TCM physician.

Thank you Great Wall TCM for helping us with the video and article. To find out how they can help you, you may visit their website for inquiries.

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