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When you first start feeling that your baby is now ready for small outings, you might be a bit worried about managing the little one outside the comfort of your home. Of course, there’s the careful planning and packing to make sure you manage nap times and be prepared with extra diapers and clothes.

If you are a breastfeeding mum, you might also wonder whether you would find a clean place to nurse your baby.

This is why we have rounded up a list of the top 8 nursing rooms in Singapore. 

1. Jewel Changi Airport Nursing Room

Jewel Changi Airport Nursing Room

Where: Basement 2 to Level 4

Amenities: Diaper changing stations, private nursing cubicles, hot & cold water dispensers 

The Jewel Changi Airport Nursing Rooms are beautifully designed nursing rooms in tasteful, warm colours. They have two lockable nursing rooms for mums who need some privacy for breastfeeding. The area is clean and spacious and perfect to take a short break for a diaper change or a feed for your little one. 


2. Marina Bay Sands Singapore (MBS) Nursing Room

Marina Bay Sands Singapore (MBS) Nursing Room

Where: Basement 2 to Level 1

Amenities: Padded diaper changing stations, hot water dispenser, disposable diaper bags, electrical point

The MBS has 6 nursing rooms. It is a great place to soothe and nurse your baby and also take some time off for yourself from the crowd outside. Once both you and your baby feel rejuvenated, you can resume your shopping spree!

3. Takashimaya Shopping Centre Nursing Room

Where: Level 4

Amenities: Diaper dispenser, waiting area with TV for other family members, private breastfeeding rooms, diaper changing stations, high chair and bottle warmer (upon request)

The Takashimaya nursing room has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the mother and the baby. It is beautifully decorated and is the perfect place to nurse, change, or soothe your baby. The waiting area is also quite helpful where other family members can sit while you are attending to your baby’s needs.

4. City Square Mall Nursing Room

City Square Mall Nursing RoomPicture from officesearch.sg

Where: Level 2 and 4

Amenities: Sink, diaper changing station, hot & cold water dispenser, electrical point

For getting into this nursing room, you need to press the intercom. The City Square Mall has two nursing rooms. Both are tastefully designed and feature all basic amenities. There is a comfortable nursing bench in each room for mummies.


5. Paragon Shopping Centre Nursing Room

Where: Level 3 (near restrooms) and Level 5 (behind Lobby A, near restrooms)

Amenities: Sink, hot & cold water dispenser, electrical point, waiting area for other family members

The nursing room has private nursing cubicles with a comfortable cushioned chair for the mummies. It is a comfy place for you and your baby to have a quiet moment. With the privacy that these rooms provide, you can now conveniently breastfeed your baby without any disturbance.

6. 313@Somerset Nursing Room

Where: Basement 3, Level 1 and 5 (near female restrooms at Food Republic)

Amenities: Breastfeeding rooms, electrical points, hot & cold water dispensers, sinks, padded diaper changing stations

It is a vibrant and spacious place for nursing mums. There are private nursing booths so multiple mummies can avail the facilities at the same time. It also has a toilet inside which can be used by the mums. The toilet is child-friendly, too, so if you have an older child, they can use it. 

7. JEM Nursing Room

Where: Basement 1, Level 3 and 5

Amenities: Sinks, hot & cold water dispenser, electrical points, diaper changing stations, bottle warmer

The Jem nursing rooms are designed keeping in mind the family’s comfort. The rooms have a cute cartoon theme. They also have a child-friendly toilet if an older child is accompanying you. There is some soothing background music, too.

8. Funan Nursing Room

Where: Basement 2 and Level 4

Amenities: Hot & cold water dispenser, sinks, electrical points, padded diaper changing stations

The Funan Mall Nursing Room has several small breastfeeding rooms that come with their separate electrical points, an armchair, and a table. There is also a long cushioned bench and 2 diaper changing stations to attend to your baby’s needs. It is a clean and spacious place with comfy vibes which you will love.

Comfortable Nursing Rooms Singapore

With this list, you can comfortably plan an outing with your baby, knowing that you will have access to clean and well-maintained space for baby care. You just need to plan your route for an outing early and keep the baby bag packed with diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and other baby essentials.

Even though most nursing rooms have private spaces for nursing, you can carry a nursing cover with you. A nursing cover not only provides more privacy while nursing in public but also keeps the baby away from distractions. 

So mummies, have fun with your babies when you go out. And remember to enjoy!

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