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Not too long ago, pregnancy meant saying goodbye to well-fitting smart clothes. Maternity wear has traditionally meant loose, ill-fitting clothing. However, modern maternity wear has changed this perception. Now, we have clothes that don’t just feel comfortable, they look good, too! Leggings are very popular because of the incredible comfort they provide.

But what can you do when your regular pair of leggings don’t fit you anymore during pregnancy?

The answer lies in maternity leggings. These leggings combine amazing comfort with wearability during pregnancy. Want to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about maternity leggings.

What are Maternity Leggings and Why do I Need Them?

With your growing baby bump, your regular leggings won’t be wearable. You can possibly wear regular leggings during the first trimester. If they feel too tight, sizing up can be an option. However, from the second trimester, when the baby bump starts getting bigger and bigger, a regular pair of leggings, even in a bigger size will not be comfortable enough.

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Maternity leggings are super comfortable leggings designed especially for pregnant women and new mummies. They are made to fit around baby bumps without feeling tight around the waist. At the same time, they provide the perfect fit around the legs just like your regular leggings.

When Should I Get Myself a Pair of Maternity Leggings?

Usually, around the second trimester, you will start seeing changes in your waistline as the baby bump grows. Wearing your regular trousers, skirts, or other bottom-wear is not advisable during this time. They can be too constricting on the baby bump. This is when getting yourself a pair of maternity leggings is a great idea. 

Since each woman and her pregnancy is different, it is possible that you might need to change your bottom-wear sooner or later than others. The rule of thumb is to start wearing these leggings once your regular pants feel tight.

How are Maternity Leggings Better Than Regular Leggings?

Maternity leggings are specifically designed for maternity and have several advantages over regular leggings. When you go for high-quality maternity leggings such as the Wonderland Leggings, you can expect superior comfort and get the perfect fit. Below are some advantages of choosing good-quality maternity leggings.

Super-Soft Fabric

High-quality maternity leggings are made from soft, stretchable, and breathable fabrics. They provide a good fit and look smooth on wearing. The fabric is light making these leggings ideal to be worn even during the hot weather. The gentle fabric is perfect to lounge in for all-day comfort.

Special Waistband

Maternity leggings come with two types of waistbands - below the bump and over the bump. The leggings with a waistband that lies below the bump are more suitable to be worn during the early stages of pregnancy. The wider, over-the-bump waistband is perfect for all stages of pregnancy as well as postpartum. The wide elastic waistband goes over your baby bump and can cover your entire bump as it grows during pregnancy. The stretchable fabric ensures that the leggings don’t feel tight around your growing belly.

After giving birth, the muscles in the belly are weak and some support to these muscles makes movements easier for new mummies. Maternity leggings with over-the-bump waistbands are great for providing this support for new mothers, too.


Leggings are an extremely versatile garment. They are great for workwear, casual wear, sports wear, and lounge wear. When you get yourself a good pair of maternity leggings, you can mix and match and wear them for different occasions. Also, since you can use the same pair of leggings during pregnancy and beyond, you get better mileage out of it.


Leggings are designed to hug your legs and give a snug fit. Thus, regular leggings can sometimes feel too tight and confine movement. Maternity leggings give you a snug fit, too. However, they provide better movement due to the light fabric. Also, the wide waistband supports your belly.

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Regular leggings that are too tight can feel uncomfortable. Also, some women suffer from varicose veins during pregnancy. This condition can become even more uncomfortable and painful with regular leggings. However, maternity leggings are super soft and stretchable and you can wear them without any worries.

Here’s a rundown on why maternity leggings are better than regular leggings.

Regular Leggings

Wonderland Leggings


Fabrics can be irritating or trap sweat

Soft, light, and breathable


Low stretch restricting movement

Extremely stretchable and lets you move comfortably


Too tight to wear during pregnancy

Perfect for wearing during pregnancy and beyond


Tight waistband that is uncomfortable around the baby bump

Stretchable, wide waistband that gently covers the baby bump


Awkward fitting for pregnant women

Perfectly fit pregnant bodies of all sizes


Low-quality fabric does not last long

High-quality fabric lets you use the leggings throughout pregnancy and beyond


How Can I Style my Maternity Leggings?

Maternity leggings are versatile and you can easily mix and match them with a variety of tops. They fit great so can be used both as formal and casual wear. 

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For formal wear, pair the leggings with a nice blouse or a shirt. You can also wear a jacket over the ensemble. Put on a pair of flat shoes, and you are good to go! For casual styling, pair them with your favourite tee or a nursing camisole. You can put on a cardigan or an oversized shirt for a layered look. A pair of sneakers or sliders will complete the look. If you are going for a sporty look, pair the leggings with an active nursing bra and a tee or a tank top. For lounging at home, you can simply wear it with your pyjama top or a comfortable maternity tee.

How to Choose the Right Maternity Leggings?

The right pair of maternity leggings will be made from high-quality stretchable fabric. So, pay attention to the fabric being used in the leggings you choose. Avoid synthetic fabrics such as full nylon or spandex. Instead, go for soft rayons or cotton blends. Make sure to refer to the sizing chart and measure yourself well before you choose the right size. Size matters to give you the perfect fit. Lastly, buy your leggings from trusted brands that specialise in maternity wear. You can’t go wrong with them!

Lovemere Wonderland Leggings

Enjoy your pregnancy and make it more comfortable with the right wardrobe changes. A little comfort goes a long way to keep you happy and healthy.


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