May 17, 2023 3 min read

Ah, pregnancy! It's a magical time filled with excitement, joy, and... frequent bathroom trips? Yes, you heard that right. 

One of the not-so-glamorous challenges of pregnancy is the dreaded frequent urination. But fear not, we're here to help you navigate this through.

Pregnancy and frequent urination

When do you usually face frequent urination?

Let's start by reassuring you that if you find yourself running to the bathroom more often than usual, you're not alone. It's actually quite common during pregnancy.

Some mummies experience this symptom right from the early stages of pregnancy, while others join during the second trimester onwards.

Why do pregnant women face frequent urination?

As your baby grows, your uterus expands and starts cozying up to your bladder. The growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder. So, the bladder fills up faster. The second reason is the hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes can increase the blood flow to the kidneys, increasing urine production. It's like your body's way of preparing you for all the diaper changes to come.

pregnant women and frequent urination

How to know if you are facing the issue of frequent urination?

So, how can you tell if your bathroom adventures have gone from normal to ninja-level frequent? Here are a few signs to look out for:

  1. Track your bathroom trips: Take out your trusty note app and keep a tally of how often you're rushing off to the bathroom. If you're clocking in more than six to eight trips a day, you might be a frequent urinator. But remember, everyone's bladder has its own personality, so ten trips a day can still be considered normal for some people.
  2. Pay attention to urine color: Your pee holds some clues too! If your liquid sunshine is pale yellow or clear, you're in the clear (pun intended). It means you're staying hydrated and don't need to worry about frequent urination. However, if it starts resembling the color of a deep, dark cave, it's a sign you should up your water intake.
  3. Consider your liquid intake: If you haven't been chugging down gallons of water but find yourself sprinting to the bathroom like it's an Olympic sport, you might be peeing too often. Don't worry; it's just part of the pregnancy package.

 Tackling Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

How to take care of yourself during this time?

Now that we've established you're a frequent flyer to the bathroom, here are some tips to help you cope and maintain your sanity:

  1. Take frequent bathroom breaks: Embrace the bathroom break as your new best friend. Make it a habit to visit the restroom regularly, so you're not caught off guard by sudden urges. By keeping your bladder empty, you'll reduce the need for emergency pit stops.
  2. Take care to prevent UTIs: While you're focused on tackling frequent urination, let's not forget about Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Keep things clean down there. Remember to wipe from front to back and avoid harsh soaps or products that could irritate the area. It's all about maintaining good hygiene and keeping the UTIs at bay.
  3. Monitor your liquid intake: Hydration is key during pregnancy, but timing is everything. Sip on those fluids throughout the day, but consider slowing down your intake before bedtime.

Monitor your liquid intake during pregnancy

Remember, pregnancy is a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Each woman's experience is unique, and it's important to be kind to yourself and embrace the changes happening within your body.

The frequent bathroom visits may test your patience, but they're also a reminder of the incredible miracle growing inside you.

Indulge in a few extra bathroom breaks, and take good care of yourself. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe maternity journey, mummies ;)

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