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Are you pregnant with an irresistible urge to sleep almost all the time?

If you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time, for some women, the sudden dip in their energy levels can be surprising. Even for those of you who have already experienced pregnancy before, some pregnancies are more tiring than others. After all, you are creating a new life inside you and that can be exhausting!

So, if you are pregnant and find that you are more tired than ever, we have some tried and tested tips to overcome pregnancy fatigue.

What exactly is Pregnancy Fatigue?

What exactly is Pregnancy Fatigue?

Pregnancy fatigue is the extreme feeling of tiredness that women feel while they are pregnant. Usually, women experience this fatigue during the first trimester of pregnancy and then again during the third trimester. On average, about 60% of women go through this.

Common symptoms include:

  •       Lack of energy,
  •       Inability to get out of bed in the morning,
  •       Sleepiness during the day,
  •       Wanting to go to bed early at night,
  •       Feeling lethargic all day, etc.

What causes Pregnancy Fatigue?

The obvious reason for pregnancy fatigue is that your body is now working overtime to sustain, nourish, and grow the life inside you. This extra work causes many women to feel more tired than they usually do.

During early pregnancy, your body is building the placenta and pumping extra blood for the baby. This combined with hormonal and other physical changes can leave you feeling exhausted. The second trimester is usually kinder for most women experiencing pregnancy fatigue. However, with the growing weight of the baby during the third trimester, the fatigue can return.

Causes Pregnancy Fatigue

Coping with Pregnancy Fatigue

Here are some simple tips to deal with pregnancy fatigue:

1. Prioritize yourself.

Mummy, you cannot give from an empty cup; fill up your own cup first. If this isn’t your first pregnancy and you already have little ones to take care of, it can be a struggle to prioritize your rest and sleep. Ask for help! Let your spouse, family members, or friends take over for a little while so you can get extra time for catching up on rest.

2. Change your sleep schedule.

Manage sleep schedule during pregnancy

Try to add an extra hour to your sleep time. Either go to bed a little earlier than usual or wake up later than you normally do. An extra hour of restful sleep can do wonders for you. It can give you the much-needed rest to restore your energy.

Similarly, when you can, take short naps during the day. Even if you cannot fall asleep, just lying down for 10-20 minutes can help you feel refreshed and replenish your energy levels.

3. Stay comfortable.

Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time for some women. The growing bump, the physical changes, the hot flashes can all leave you feeling discomfited. Keep the temperature around you regulated whenever possible so that you are not sweating and hot. Wear comfortable maternity clothing that will let you breathe.

Wear maternity sleepwear to bed to get sound and comfortable sleep. Once your breasts start undergoing physical changes, use a maternity nursing bra. These bras will not only help you feel more relaxed but will also be useful when you start breastfeeding.

4. Eat well.

What you eat definitely affects your energy level. Eating foods that are high in protein and complex carbohydrates are ideal. These foods can help you maintain energy levels throughout the day. Even though every woman has different cravings during pregnancy, try to cut down on sugary foods and coffee.

Eat well, but also eat often. Eat balanced meals and have some healthy snacks handy for snacking between the main meals.

5. Exercise.

Light exercise will not tire you out more. In fact, the release of good hormones from the exercise will actually help you feel better and even boost your energy levels. Even a simple routine of a morning or evening walk can make you feel energised.

You can also engage yourself in prenatal exercises. However, do check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

In Conclusion,

Pregnancy fatigue is fairly common, and you can deal with it yourself by taking care of yourself and some simple lifestyle changes. However, if you are facing any of the below medical conditions, you will need to take advice from your doctor on dealing with the exhaustion:

  •       Anaemia
  •       Gestational Diabetes
  •       Gestational Hypertension
  •       Thyroid imbalance

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in a woman’s life, even if it’s not the first pregnancy. It is a time to focus on yourself and prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Cherish this time as much as you can and remember to take care of yourself all through these months!

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