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It is difficult to get a sound sleep when you are pregnant. The sleeping position of women changes during pregnancy, especially after five months when your tummy gets in the way. Most of the women feel discomfort in sleeping because of frequent urination, back pain, heartburn, tender breasts, shortness of breath and insomnia.

Did you know that not all sleeping positions are safe for women during pregnancy? Also, did you know that sleeping better is possible? Here’s all you need about sleeping well during pregnancy.

1. Should you be sleeping on your back?

It is not always safe to sleep on your back during pregnancy. It is okay to sleep in this position during the first trimester. But after that, lying on your back presses down the uterus on the major veins because of the increasing and heavy abdomen. It causes the return of blood to the heart from the lower body. Hence, you feel dizzy and tiring. It also affects the distribution of nutrients and blood to the placenta and fetus.

2. Should you be sleeping on my stomach?

After four months of pregnancy, the belly of a pregnant woman looks like a giant watermelon. So sleeping on your tummy can make you feel very uncomfortable, especially because of the expansion of the uterus. Also, there is a constant fear of hurting your baby while sleeping. Although this position might seem comfortable, it is not the most convenient position for pregnant women.

3. Sleep on your side will be your best bet!

The best position to sleep throughout the pregnancy is to sleep on your side, especially on the left side. It improves blood circulation for you and the growing baby.  Lying in this position prevents your expanding body weight to push pressure on your liver. Sleeping on your left side prevents your ankles, hands, and feet from swelling by eliminating fluids and waste from your body. This also benefits your kidney in turn.

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Some women also complain of back pain, heartburn and shortness of breath while sleeping on a side. The solution lies in the below tips.

  • To reduce back pain, use a pillow under your abdomen.
  • To relieve from heartburn, prop up your upper body with some pillows. Also avoid spicy foods, chocolates, citrus, fried and fatty foods just before going to bed.
  • To avoid shortness of breath, support your back with some pillows behind your back to allow maximum airflow.

4. Make friends with pillows and cushions

pillows and cushions

During pregnancy, the growing belly puts a strain on your back muscles. Also, the expanding uterus makes you bend a little forward naturally. So placing one or two pillows between your bent knees before your sleep stabilizes you. It provides you extra cushioning that helps your spine to be straight and helps you relax your hip muscles and the spine. Also, you could choose to buy a sleep cushion designed to provide good support to pregnant women.

5. Stretch your legs before bed

It is necessary to do light exercise regularly during pregnancy. It is also equally essential to stretch your legs properly before sleeping. Severe leg cramps can give you extreme pain and also wake you up from the deep sleep in the middle of the night. Also, being well-hydrated helps you to reduce the cramps.

6. Pee before going to bed

The volume of blood increases during the first trimester of pregnancy. This will lead your kidneys to process extra fluids and you may feel the urge to pee more often. This increases after the third trimester as the baby gets heavier and starts moving toward the pelvis. Your bladder feels a lot of pressure because of all this. You always feel the need to pee even in the middle of the night. So it is advisable to empty your bladder and then sleep for a longer period of deep sleep before you have to get up again for peeing.

7. Comfortable and cozy all the way!

Keep your bedroom clean and comfortable to sleep. Get some good quality breathable bed linen. And of course, enough soft pillows and cushions to give you the best comfort. And while we are talking about comfortable sleep, how can we forget soft, snug sleepwear? Check out some great options that we have here. We have been careful to design these sleepwear items keeping in mind your comfort during pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy can make sleep difficult, what with the nausea, heartburn, and even anxiety! And wait till the baby starts somersaulting inside your belly! But ladies, rest is necessary. So, get the best possible rest and whatever shut-eye you can manage. And above all, stay healthy and stay happy!

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